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Ned Lazarus

Sami Adwan and Dan Bar-On, eds., Learning the Other’s Historical Narrative: Israelis and Palestinians, Parts One and Two (Beit Jalla: Peace Research Institute in the Middle East, 2003, 2006).

Robert I. Rotberg, ed., Israeli and Palestinian Narratives of Conflict: History’s Double Helix (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2006).

Paul Scham, Walid Salem, and Benjamin Pogrund, eds., Shared Histories: A Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue (Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press, 2005).

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Adina Newberg

Over the last fifteen years Israeli culture has witnessed the development of batey midrash (houses of Jewish studies) modeled after traditional batey midrash, but without regard for halakhah and open to men and women alike. They represent an attempt to connect and reconnect to the sources of Jewish learning and strive to reconcile uni- versalistic and pluralistic aspects of Israelis' identity with their Jewish identity that has been dormant since the establishment of the state of Israel. With a reflective and pluralistic educational approach the batey midrash present opportunities for exploration of students' relationship to tradition, to Israel and Zionism, God, their communities, their own spiritual path, and the 'other' in all its representations. As the continu- ing conflict with the Palestinians renders existence in Israel ever more difficult, more existential questions arise, requiring a deepening of the Jewish connection so that the two sides' worlds are in dialogue.

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Russian Israelis and Religion

What Has Changed after Twenty Years in Israel?

Larissa Remennick and Anna Prashizky

Most former Soviet immigrants who arrived in Israel had a secular or atheistic outlook, with only a small minority leaning toward Orthodox Judaism or Christianity. To understand how 20 years of life in the ethno-religious polity of Israel have influenced their religious beliefs and practices, we conducted a survey of a national sample of post-1990 immigrants. The findings suggest that most immigrants have adopted the signs and symbols of the Jewish lifestyle. They celebrate the major religious holidays in some form, and many are interested in learning more about Jewish culture and history. We interpret these changes mainly as an adaptive response aiming at social inclusion in the Israeli Jewish mainstream rather than actually emerging religiosity. Few immigrants observe the demanding laws of kashrut and Shabbat, and even fewer attend synagogues and belong to religious communities. Their expressed attitudes toward state-religion matters reflect their ethno-nationalist stance, which is more typical for ethnic Jews than for partial or non-Jews.

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Shira Klein

edit Wikipedia articles, they achieve multiple goals: they gain critical reading skills, shape public knowledge about Israel, and engage in active learning. This article explains how to run a Wikipedia-editing assignment, outlines its pedagogical

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Editors’ Note

Threats to Academic Freedom

, digital humanities, classroom controversies, service learning, and teaching with new sources. If you are interested in writing such an article, please send an abstract to Shira at . We have an eclectic mix of articles in this issue, and

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The Puzzle of The University on Air

A Story of Media and Academia in Israel, 1977–2013

Hagai Boas and Ayelet Baram-Tsabari

retention, engagement, and learning from MOOCs ( Kizilcec et al. 2013 ; Reeves and Hedberg 2014 ) and science broadcasts ( Miller et al. 2006 ). A finer-grained examination of the content of the courses and booklets could provide insights into many

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Maoz Rosenthal

. The chairs’ previous usage of heresthetic moves: As the chair is the constant factor in the committee room, one might expect that she will go through some learning processes from previous meetings. These learning curves would be endogenous to the

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Shifra Mescheloff

). 6 When the war broke out Goren hastened to join the Eleventh Brigade in Gaza. On learning that Jordanian attacks had sparked fighting in Jerusalem, he went there immediately and hurried to the Rockefeller Museum, where General Gur, head of the

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Intertwined Landscape

The Integration of Arabo-Islamic Culture in Pre-state Palestine

Mostafa Hussein

Ottoman rule. In an article in Ha-Pardes , Yellin (1894) links the return of the Jews to the land with the necessity of learning about its history. In his words: “God did something new by returning to the Holy City those who were exiled from it, and by

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Udi Sommer

.” International Social Science Journal 51 ( 159 ): 89 – 101 . Lazega , Emmanuel . 2012 . “ Mapping Judicial Dialogue across National Borders: An Exploratory Network Study of Learning from Lobbying among European Intellectual Property Judges .” Utrecht Law