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Assessing Ritual Experience in Contemporary Spiritualities

The Practice of ‘sharing’ in a New Age Variant of Umbanda

Viola Teisenhoffer

transmission and learning of ritual procedures and cosmological knowledge, the power relationships and issues of authority that they imply, and the reproduction of the group through discipleship. However, it is not so much because they may eventually deepen and

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The Religious Foundations of Capoeira Angola

The Cosmopolitics of an Apparently Non-religious Practice

Sergio González Varela

groups shared during my fieldwork was the lengthy and ascetic process that individuals must experience in order to become mestres . This method, which involves many years of training and learning, hinders the possibility of standardized rituals with

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Erick White

within traditional forms of artistic and esoteric learning. Thailand is also home to possession as a Buddhist vocation of professionalized oracles. This modality of possession involves extended, intimate submission to high-status, morally virtuous deities

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Ann Grodzins Gold

Ann Grodzins Gold, Bhrigupati Singh, Farhana Ibrahim, Edward Simpson, and Kirin Narayan

, and I revisited this incident in my memory more than once. I came to realize that even seasoned scholars might travel to India repeatedly—learning from the educated elite or working in the archives—and remain not only removed from the kinds of human

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Jens Kreinath and Refika Sariönder

, including ruptures and irritations, as adaptive measures for ritual learning. This analysis is intended to reveal how members of the Alevi community adjust and negotiate their practices in situ . In the conclusion, we will assess the theoretical

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Jeanne Favret-Saada’s Minimal Ontology

Belief and Disbelief of Mystical Forces, Perilous Conditions, and the Opacity of Being

Theodoros Kyriakides

:// (accessed 29 June 2015 ). Salmond , Amiria J. M. 2014 . “ Transforming Translations (Part 2): Addressing Ontological Alterity .” HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 4 ( 1 ): 155 – 187 . Severi , Carlo . 2007 . “ Learning to Believe: A Preliminary

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Religious Tourism

Analytical Routes through Multiple Meanings

Emerson Giumbelli

Translator : Jeffrey Hoff

interest in learning more about the history of a site or understanding a particular religious faith and its culture and beliefs, rather than being motivated purely by pleasure-seeking or spiritual growth” (ibid.: 5). But this does not impede them from using

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The Chaco Skies

A Socio-cultural History of Power Relations

Alejandro Martín López and Agustina Altman

interpreting a written text in a foreign language (a metaphor very much used in Western societies); rather, it is an issue of learning to understand other wills and intentions and of managing relations with other entities. Therefore, the Guaycurú señas are

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Finbarr Barry Flood and Jaś Elsner

– 102 . Ramadan , Dina A . 2013 . “ ‘One of the Best Tools for Learning’: Rethinking the Role of ‘Abduh’s Fatwa in Egyptian Art History .” Pp. 137 – 153 in A Companion to Modern African Art , ed. Gitti Salami and Monica Blackmun Visona

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Kosher Biotech

Between Religion, Regulation, and Globalization

Johan Fischer

of transnational governmentality. The training itself can be seen as a standardizing process in which learning and discipline come together. Kosher training is a way to enhance workers’ employment value, depending on their skills. Skills terminology