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Irina Kosterina

In this article I examine the situation of girls in the North Caucasus, a region that combines features of both a traditional society with its emphasis on the value of religion, family, and older generations, and a modernized society with its emphasis on the economic emancipation of women, and the pursuit of self-development and individual life strategies. The research model used interviews with girls and an analysis of essays written by girls in high school to explore their life values, priorities, and the impact of religion and traditions on their lives. The research also sought to identify girls' place in the gender, age, and status hierarchies of local societies.

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Parents, Sons, and Globalization in Tanzania

Implications for Adolescent Health

Marni Sommer, Samuel Likindikoko, and Sylvia Kaaya

As the global youth population grows exponentially across Africa, there is increasing recognition of the risky health behaviors impeding boys’ healthy transitions through puberty. This study in Tanzania sought to capture boys’ voiced experiences of transitioning through adolescence, and the masculinity norms shaping boys’ engagement in risky behaviors. A critical finding was the gap in parent-son communication around pubertal body changes and avoidance of risk behaviors. Findings also suggest influences from globalization and modernization are changing boys’ pubertal experiences and introducing new challenges for parents attempting to provide guidance. Given evidence from high-income countries indicating parents can serve as protective factors for young people during the transition through adolescence, additional research is needed to understand current parent-son dynamics and potential interventions.

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Jonathan Anuik

Melissa Bingmann. 2015. Prep School Cowboys: Ranch Schools in the American West. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press. 256 pp. ISBN 978-0826355430

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Jay Mechling

confrontation with the modernization of consciousness in urban America. One historian, Thomas Cochran (in The Inner Revolution , 1964) actually estimates the watershed year as 1910, coincidentally the founding year of the BSA, and both historians and social

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Robyn Singleton, Jacqueline Carter, Tatianna Alencar, Alicia Piñeirúa-Menéndez, and Kate Winskell

of modernization and economic development … the figure of the macho was contrasted with a modern, educated personality … This view also sustains the belief that the more rural a man is, the more macho , and that machismo is provincial and

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Sakai Magara

Activist Girl of Early Twentieth Century Japan

Barbara Hartley

how the wildly inequitable distribution of material and social resources in pre-war Japan meant that modernization merely “increased the wealth and comfort of a small elite at the top” (203–204). The vast majority, including most girls, were denied

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Chung-Hao Ku

once: the forward-looking time of modernization and normative development, and the ‘perverse’ time of nostalgia, recursion, and repetition” (2012: 4). Bob would not have sex with Jim again; he treasures their singular experience exactly because it will