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Ted Nannicelli

, because it will allow us to save money on printing and shipping. Don’t be alarmed, though: Projections will continue to exist in print, and print subscriptions will still be available for a surcharge. New membership rates for the SCSMI are available on

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Philip Cowan

interested in money and having fun. Marie begins by enthusing over Peggy’s date, Woody. The camera pans to Marie as she begins to reveal her true nature. Marie encourages Peggy to marry Woody because he has money. This revealing of Marie’s selfish motivation

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Philip J. Hohle

so from a cowardly distance to collect bounty money. Viewers who identified with Munny demonstrated the need to sharpen the evil in the character Bill. Charles reasoned, “Bill was probably at least a sociopath and probably a psychopath—just with a

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The Rich Inferential World of Mad Men

Serialized Television and Character Interiority

Jason Gendler

, Pete embarks on an extramarital affair, while in episode ten, Lane embezzles money from the agency in order to pay British taxes, and the agency begins to seriously pursue Jaguar as a client. 9 These three plots create many opportunities to make

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Dan Flory

, Steven . 2010 . “ Avatar : Red-State Politics + Blue Aliens = Box Office Green .” , 5 January . (accessed

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Wyatt Moss-Wellington

trial. At the same time we experience dissonance in coming to terms with the contradictions in Bernie’s moral impact: he is a murderer, yet also a famously selfless and invaluable member of his community, who spends money gleaned from the homicide to

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Akkadia Ford

soliciting a client, and then gets into the passenger side. In this scene, the characters exchange money and insults as they discuss selling HIV/AIDS medications to Rayon’s friends ( Borten and Wallack 2012: 38–39 , scene 57). This depiction of Rayon further

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Handover Bodies in a Feminist Frame

Two Hong Kong Women Filmmakers’ Perspectives on Sex after 1997

Gina Marchetti

capitalism strangely echoes the characters’ manic but futile activity to make money” (2002: 29). With the exception of a not entirely welcome foot massage that Zero administers to Chan on a subway car, all sexual transactions in the film involve money. Nicole

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Ling Tang, Jun Zubillaga-Pow, Hans Rollmann, Amber Jamilla Musser, Shannon Scott, and Kristen Sollée

objectification, as in Easy Virtue (1927) where Larita Filton (Isabel Jeans) becomes a piece of art, posing for a portrait, her passage from objet d’art to personhood prefiguring or echoing that of other Hitchcock heroines. According to Strauss, “money as

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Looking for Something to Signify

Something to Signify Gender Performance and Cuban Masculinity in Viva

David Yagüe González

house, while Viva refuses to look at the audience in order not to get nervous. “Qué te pedí” by Cuban Mexican singer Rosita Fornés plays, and Viva lip-syncs to it onstage, collecting money in his cleavage and moving toward the bar. It is at the bar that