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Ted Nannicelli

, because it will allow us to save money on printing and shipping. Don’t be alarmed, though: Projections will continue to exist in print, and print subscriptions will still be available for a surcharge. New membership rates for the SCSMI are available on

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You Haven't Seen the Last of Men

The Full Monty (Peter Cattaneo, 1997)

Julie Michot

The steel mills have closed down in Sheffield, and everyday life is dull for most men: little tricks to earn some money, aimlessness, and even suicide attempts are part of their routine. But The Full Monty is much more than the story of a group

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Jacob Breslow, Jonathan A. Allan, Gregory Wolfman, and Clifton Evers

described as “porn for women,” comparing the “money shot” in each genre. In pornographic movies, the money shot is generally considered to be the male orgasm; for the romance novel, Allan argues that there are a series of money shots from the declaration of

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Beyond Binaries, Borders, and Boundaries

Mapping the City in John Rechy's City of Night

Eir-Anne Edgar

hustler has sex with men for money and frequently focuses on playing an active (rather than passive) role in those moments, this dynamic is not always the case in the novel. And, as noted in the above discussion regarding the state's configuration (and

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Ambivalent Sexualities in a Transnational Context

Romanian and Bulgarian Migrant Male Sex Workers in Berlin

Victor Trofimov

, the Roma migrants begin doing sex work, as this semi-legal occupation 3 offers more money and freedom than low-qualified blue-collar jobs, such as those in construction or housekeeping, that would otherwise be available to them. While many hustlers

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James K. Beggan

be conceptualized—that is, not as unclean but as capable of putting into motion a process (i.e., pregnancy) that would rather be avoided. The Prototypical Atypical Cum Shot Although the terms “cum shot” and “money shot” are part of the popular

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On a 1st Anniversary

Jonathan A. Allan, Chris Haywood, and Frank G. Karioris

these struggles, we—as so many people who must go about their days, now without their loved ones, without a job, without income or money, and without economic leadership prioritizing the well-being of the people ( demos )—will continue looking after this

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In Pursuit of Masculinity

On Aging Bodies, Migration and Youthful Masculinities

Usman Mahar

a “vagabond-explorer, traveler ( mussafir ) and filmmaker.” As the want to explore Europe without worry grew within him, he started to collect money. Taking up part-time jobs 3 in Karachi soon allowed him to finance his fare to Europe. In 1974 or

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Philip Cowan

interested in money and having fun. Marie begins by enthusing over Peggy’s date, Woody. The camera pans to Marie as she begins to reveal her true nature. Marie encourages Peggy to marry Woody because he has money. This revealing of Marie’s selfish motivation

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Philip J. Hohle

so from a cowardly distance to collect bounty money. Viewers who identified with Munny demonstrated the need to sharpen the evil in the character Bill. Charles reasoned, “Bill was probably at least a sociopath and probably a psychopath—just with a