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Communication, Context, and Narrative

Habermas and Contemporary Realist Thought

Navid Hassanzadeh

and subvert his narrative of steady democratisation. Habermas and Realism The contours of political realism today are contested, and in certain respects indeterminate. Some common features nonetheless can be identified and be seen to overlap with

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Leslie Paul Thiele and Marshall Young

mature individual, mythology and fairy tales are supposed to give way to rational analysis. Within academia this evaluation is common. Natural and social scientists typically disparage ‘anecdotal evidence’. Narratives are seen as optional supplements at

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Avery Poole

explores the teleological nature of what I refer to as the “democratization narrative,” which tends to lead us to make certain assumptions about democracy in ASEAN. References to Democracy in ASEAN Statements Democracy is included in statements about the

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Christian Ewert and Marion Repetti


What is democratic theory? In this article we treat it as a semiotic code – that is to say, a shared assumption – and argue that democratic theory enables people to think and talk about the idea(s) of democracy. Furthermore, the application of this specific code is highly political. For one, it is embedded in concrete contexts and discourses and used in arguments and narratives. In addition, the application of democratic theory has also substantial consequences on the lives of people. We illustrate this argument by reflecting briefly on Abraham Lincoln's “Gettysburg Address” and its recodification and consequences in different contexts.

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Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

Democratic Theory through an Agonistic Lens

Marie Paxton

narrative” ( 2012: 130 ). Mouffe's proposal is that we ought to acknowledge the permanence of political conflict by dividing it into a collective “us” (a group that agrees on interpreting and applying a set of values), a collective “them” (legitimate

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Lest We Forget (Matter)

Posthumanism, Memory, and Exclusion

Matthew Howard

Day: Can the narrative power of collective memory be considered an actor in the establishment of an exception—through the production of a sense of what is normative? Indeed, in the context of colonialism, Brophy states that “the most effective strategy

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Jeffrey D. Hilmer and Max Halupka

. Despite its conceptual strengths and original empirical insights, Participation in Europe has a difficulty in constructing a cohesive narrative to frame its snapshot-like approach. Though the concept of youth participation does serve as a central theme

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Simon Tormey and Jean-Paul Gagnon

representation as the problem itself, as some people found themselves captured in a narrative and in a political process that is not their own. We have become hostages of the representational process, which, of course, points to the central paradox of

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Roberto Farneti

empirical strategies of collecting data are not per se a viable tool for dictating the terms of a (meaningful) causal narrative. 2 There is one more issue that complicates the picture: that the simple observation of a nexus between increasing levels of

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Free from State Violence or Free to Comply?

A Revised Typology of Coercion and Repression in Liberal Democracies

Barbora Capinska

and unperceived character of hegemonic coercion allows it to operate preemptively in respect to any type of repression thanks to the phenomenon of subjects disciplining themselves by identifying with the core of the hegemonic discourse via narratives