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Populist Rhetoric and Nativist Alarmism

The AfD in Comparative Perspective

Barbara Donovan

nativism—and compares the AfD to other parties outside the mainstream along those dimensions. There is a tendency today to view populism and nativism as the same or similar political phenomena. They are, however, distinct and in order both to classify

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David Art

nativism. The containment of the European radical right includes a political, a civil society, and a public discourse component. The clearest political manifestation of containment is the cordon-sanitaire (or the policy of Ausgrenzung in Germany), which

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Two of the Same Kind?

The Rise of the AfD and its Implications for the CDU/CSU

Matthias Dilling

respective election campaigns in 2016. Fiscal and social conservatism, however, were increasingly sidelined in the AfD’s platform by a populist radical right appeal based on authoritarianism, populism, and nativism. 22 The AfD has thereby markedly moved away

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Pegida as a European Far-Right Populist Movement

Helga Druxes and Patricia Anne Simpson

neighboring countries rather than admit them to the benefits of the welfare state. Race relations scholar Liz Fekete points out how these authoritarian practices create convergence between the eu as an organization and the nativism of far-right groups, which

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Sarah Wiliarty and Louise K. Davidson-Schmich

of political competition along the “native vs. foreigner” continuum. The volatile combination of populism and nativism has contributed to the AfD's appeal. David Patton's contribution echoes Donovan's focus on populism and provides an historical

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The Wall, the Ban, and the Objectification of Women

Has “Uncle Sam” Learned any Lessons from “Typhoid Mary?”

Amani Othman and William W. Darrow

) the first carrier case, (2) a less-privileged, single female with a male partner in a predominantly male world, (3) a Catholic in a Protestant country, (4) an immigrant in a pro-nativism period, and (5) Irish. Mallon displayed pride and stubbornness

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Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh and Juliano Fiori

change that I find compelling, despite my discomfort with the nativism that occasionally flavors his work. Guilluy describes a hollowing out of the Western middle class ( 2016 , 2018 ). This middle class was a product of the postwar welfarist pact. But

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The Left Party and the AfD

Populist Competitors in Eastern Germany

Jonathan Olsen

of the populist radical right is nativism, the belief that “a state should comprise ‘natives’ and that ‘nonnatives’ are to be treated with hostility.” 23 Furthermore, Mudde argues that the populist radical right holds a Manichaean worldview in which

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Marcel Mauss

Victims Become Killers: Colonialism, Nativism and Genocide in Rwanda . Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press . Massad , J. 2013 . ‘ Forget Semitism! ’, in E. Weber (ed.), Living Together: Jacques Derrida’s Communities of Violence and Peace

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Stacy M. K. George

the movement draws upon include libertarianism, apocalyptic Christianity, nativism, and white supremacy.” Parker and Barreto (2013: 158) remind us that the Tea Party’s reactionary politics have political consequences that result in the acceptance or