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Catherine O'Byrne

The Piper Alpha disaster remains the most significant event in the history of the British North Sea oil industry, yet despite a large range of scholarship on the topic women's experiences of the disaster have not been heard publicly. This article uses oral history testimony to add the private experiences of women who were affected by the disaster to the public experiences of men. The focus of the analysis is on the gendered and political nature of remembrance and the impact that women had on the way that Piper Alpha was commemorated and remembered.

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Amanda H. Littauer

distance. Stories of girls developing “crushes” on adult women are ubiquitous in oral histories, autobiographies, and fiction. Gym teachers, school teachers, scout leaders, camp counselors, and nuns appear over and over again as the objects of girls

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Have You Ever Been in Bosnia?

British Military Travelers in the Balkans since 1992

Catherine Baker

Tens of thousands of British military personnel traveled in former Yugoslavia as peacekeepers between 1992 and 2007. The settlements where British forces established their military presence and supply chain were conceptually far from former Yugoslavia's tourist sites, but military travelers made sense of them by drawing on the commonplaces of previous travel accounts and the lessons of pre-deployment training. British military travelers constructed themselves as often frustrated helpers in Bosnia who struggled with political limitations on their activities but found satisfaction in improving socio-economic relations at the level of the immediate community. For troops, long otiose periods in a stabilizing and startlingly cheap country engendered a touristic sensibility. This article draws on published memoirs and more than fifty new oral history interviews with British peacekeepers and their Bosnian employees to illustrate how British military travelers drew on, perpetuated, and changed the patterns and representation of British travel to the Balkans.

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Biography and Shakespeare’s Money

Portraits of an Economic Persona

Paola Pugliatti

admit tradition and informed speculation in order to achieve its goals. … Among the many circles that make up an individual’s life, oral history has an important place and currency, its own authority which needs to be analysed afresh as perspectives

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Deconstructing the Saussurean System of Signification

Miyagi Satoshi and His Mimetic Dramaturgy in Miyagi-Noh Othello

Tomoka Tsukamoto and Ted Motohashi

alternative her-stories Miyagi-Noh recovered thorough this mimetic and collective endeavour are literally an alter-native attempt: ‘alter’ (change) into something ‘native’ (original). As in an oral history, what is written and told will instantly vanish and

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Stepping through the Silver Screen

Austro-German Filmmaker, Bestselling Author, and Journalist Colin Ross Discovers Australia

Anne Rees

impressions have been recorded in letters, diaries or oral histories. Female voices have been selected as the focus for this discussion because women were the most frequent cinema-goers, and were also the main consumers of the fan magazines and fashion

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Materiality as an Agency of Knowledge

Competing Forms of Knowledge in Rachel's Tomb in Tiberias

Nimrod Luz

mentioned in the website's oral history section where refugees narrate their memories of their past life and hometown. On May 12, 2017, the Jordanian-based channel, al-Ghad, aired a three-minute segment on Tiberias’ Palestinian past. 2 Important features of

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Migration to the “First Large Suburban Ghetto” in America

Korean Immigrant Merchants in South Central Los Angeles in the 1980s

Chanhaeng Lee

University Press, 2003), 7, 53–64, 169. 74 Kim, “Nothing but Love,” 4. 75 Thomas Kilgore, Jr, “Black Leadership in Los Angeles,” interview by Robin D. G. Kelley, oral history transcript, 1988, Oral History Program, Department of Special Collections, Charles E

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The Battle of El Herri in Morocco

Narratives of Colonial Conquest during World War I

Caroline Campbell

from Fez to Marrakesh: Oral History of the Margins of National Identity,” The Journal of North African Studies 8, no. 1 (2003): 43–58, here 43, doi: 10.1080/13629380308718495 (emphasis mine). 2 Lyautey to the Ministry of War, Report, “L'Affaire de