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Sam Jackson, Áron Bakos, Birgitte Refslund Sørensen, and Matti Weisdorf

anthropological topics (leisure, play, rituals, politics and philosophy) from an unorthodox perspective. This position is twofold. First, at the level where we usually apply a very individualistic approach toward culture, the author uses a structural method

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Amanda J. Reinke

2004 ). As it stands, the philosophy and wide array of practices subsumed under the general category of “restorative justice” focus on the process of conflict resolution as a way to transform individuals in conflict and to care for the harms and needs

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Rethinking Resistance to Transitional Justice

Briony Jones and Thomas Brudholm

.” International Journal of Transitional Justice 7 : 497 – 517 . 10.1093/ijtj/ijt014 Caygill , Howard . 2013 . On Resistance: A Philosophy of Defiance . London : Bloomsbury . Corradetti , Claudi , Nir Eisikovits , and Jack Rotondi , eds. 2015

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Iver B. Neumann

signed by all 27 members of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Philosophy at the Russian Academy of Sciences (2017) , the Ministry of Culture’s draft was said to be not only below student level but also positively false. 6 As a result of the

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Leyla Neyzi, Nida Alahmad, Nina Gren, Martha Lagace, Chelsey Ancliffe, and Susanne Bregnbæk

cue from the negative dialectics of Theodor Adorno, who wrote, “If philosophy is necessary it is only in the way it has been from time immemorial: as critique, as resistance to the expanding heteronomy” (4). Critical to this perspective is the refusal

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“Where Is the New Constitution?”

Public Protest and Community-Building in Post–Economic Collapse Iceland

Timothy Heffernan

Antiausterity Sentiments .” American Ethnologist 42 ( 2 ): 230 – 246 . 10.1111/amet.12127 Landemore , Hélène . 2015 . “ Inclusive Constitution-Making: The Icelandic Experiment .” Journal of Political Philosophy

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Fighting Fire with Fire

Resistance to Transitional Justice in Bahrain

Ciara O’Loughlin

Move .” Economist , 26 November . (accessed 3 July 2013 ). Eisikovits , Nir . 2014 . “ Transitional Justice .” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy , 4 April 2014 . http

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The Many Layers of Moral Outrage

Kurdish Activists and Diaspora Politics

Nerina Weiss

. His ideology and philosophy had been implemented in the party programs. There was thus no need to represent the imprisoned co-mayors separately through their HDP and BDP flags. They were already represented in the display of the PKK flag and not least

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Shadow Soldiering

Shifting Constellations and Permeable Boundaries in “Private” Security Contracting

Maya Mynster Christensen

. 2006 . A New Philosophy of Society: Assemblage Theory and Social Complexity . London : Continuum . Deleuze , Gilles , and Felix Guattari . 1987 . A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia . Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press

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Creative Intelligence and the Cold War

US Military Investments in the Concept of Creativity, 1945–1965

Bregje F. Van Eekelen

.1525/9780520922280 Flemming , Arthur. S . 1960 . “ The Philosophy and Objectives of the National Defense Education Act .” Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 327 ( January ): 132 – 138 . 10.1177/000271626032700116 Flugel , J. C. 1942