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Dalit Simchai

This article focuses on the concept of identity by juxtaposing New Age philosophy and nationalism in the Israeli context. Based on my qualitative research, I deconstruct the Israeli New Age discourse on ethno-national identity and expose two approaches within this discourse. The more common one is the belief held by most Israelis, according to which ethno-national identity is a fundamental component of one's self. A second and much less prevalent view resembles New Age ideology outside Israel and conceives of ethno-national identities as a false social concept that separate people rather than unite them. My findings highlight the limits of New Age ideology as an alternative to the hegemonic culture in Israel. The difficulty that Israeli New Agers find in divorcing hegemonic conceptualizations demonstrates the centrality and power of ethno-national identity in Israel.

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Itzhak Galnoor, Public Management in Israel: Development, Structure, Functions and Reforms Review by Assaf Meydani

Avi Raz, The Bride and the Dowry: Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians in the Aftermath of the June 1967 War Review by Paul L. Scham

Nachman Ben-Yehuda, Theocratic Democracy: The Social Construction of Religious and Secular Extremism Review by Benyamin Neuberger

Alan Dowty, Israel/Palestine, 3rd ed. Review by Myron J. Aronoff

Eyal Chowers, The Political Philosophy of Zionism: Trading Jewish Words for a Hebraic Land Review by Allan Arkush

Etan Bloom, Arthur Ruppin and the Production of Pre-Israeli Culture Review by Arieh Saposnik

Laura Zittrain Eisenberg and Neil Caplan, Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace: Patterns, Problems, Possibilities, 2nd ed. Review by Jonathan Mendilow

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Jewish Secular-Believer Women in Israel

A Complex and Ambivalent Identity

Hagar Lahav

connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. The Talmud is studied as well, although it is accorded only marginal attention. Later writings, such as rabbinic literature, Kabbalah, Hasidism, and Jewish philosophy, are ignored. This approach

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The Puzzle of The University on Air

A Story of Media and Academia in Israel, 1977–2013

Hagai Boas and Ayelet Baram-Tsabari

. Shapira 2008 ). The Shalem Center, founded in 1994, also developed the Shalem Press, which specializes in the translation of classical texts in philosophy into Hebrew. Magnes has published new editions of the classics (also in philosophy), and Books in the

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Creating a Significant Community

Religious Engagements in the Film Ha-Mashgihim (God’s Neighbors)

Merav Alush-Levron

The confluence between religion and cinema has over the past 15 years provided an impressive bounty of research and essays. This includes a variety of viewpoints and disciplines, including theology, anthropology, philosophy, psychology, and

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From Yehuda Etzion to Yehuda Glick

From Redemptive Revolution to Human Rights on the Temple Mount

Shlomo Fischer

in East Africa. Literate in six languages, he spent this time reading European philosophy, literature, jurisprudence, and other subjects. After the creation of the state, Ben-Dov remained close to Yisrael Eldad (formerly Sheib) and the circle around

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Trauma, Time, and the ‘Singular Plural’

The Israeli Television Series Fauda

Nurith Gertz and Raz Yosef

come . notes 1 For further discussion of Agamben’s political philosophy, see Ophir (2003), Shenhav (2006), Shenhav et al. (2009), and Leibovich (2010). 2 In this argument, Benjamin ([1940] 2006) is referring to the messianic time. 3 For an interesting

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From Jewish Sentiments to Rational Exhortations

Battle Missives in the Israel Defense Forces

Netta Galnoor

. . Chowers , Eyal . 2012 . The Political Philosophy of Zionism: Trading Jewish Words for a Hebraic Land . New York : Cambridge University Press . Cohen , Gili . 2014 . “ Givati Brigade Commander

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Elia Etkin, Tal Elmaliach, and Motti Inbari

the Israeli Jewish left as a whole. These claims are of a dualist nature, ranging from hybridity through dialectical to liminal. Wright's complicity concept fits well into this theoretical debate, but she chooses the field of general philosophy to

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Ben Herzog

(jus soli) . The liberal tradition of citizenship has dominated the West for about two centuries but is now being challenged by other political philosophies that question the individualist conception at the heart of the liberal theory of citizenship