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The Generative Power of Political Emotions

Mette-Louise Johansen, Therese Sandrup, and Nerina Weiss

despite neoliberal limitations of welfare provisions and bureaucratic decision-making. Within political science studies on emotions and elections, scholars have pointed to moral outrage as a crucial ingredient in the maintenance of the democratic state

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Kenneth Bo Nielsen

, when that eventually proved futile, to have it undone. In addition, they were all party politically active. Prasanta was a village-level leader of the youth wing of the Trinamul Congress (TMC), the state’s leading political opposition. Asit worked for

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Desire for the political in the aftermath of the Cold War

Dace Dzenovska and Nicholas De Genova

Rasza 2012 ; Lorey 2011 ). Moreover, practical and political connections among these struggles were not only hoped for but also actively pursued and elaborated. For example, activists from Ljubljana traveled to Tunis and Barcelona to learn from the

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Dividing Worlds

Tsunamis, Seawalls, and Ontological Politics in Northeast Japan

Andrew Littlejohn

Council 2011). Drawing on ethnographic research conducted in Minamisanriku between 2012 and 2016, I argue that the tensions between these positions and projects produced a particular kind of politics in Japan's disaster regions—what I call a politics of

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Geographical Imagination, Anthropology, and Political Exiles

Photographers of Siberia in Late Imperial Russia

Tatiana Saburova

Chekhov, Vlas Doroshevich, and Vladimir Korolenko were instrumental in creating this image. Political exiles, notably Populists (Narodniks) and Social Democrats, also made a contribution to shaping the image of Siberia, dedicating to it substantial space

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Philippine Prison Marriages

The Politics of Kinship and Women's Composite Agency

Sif Lehman Jensen

they had been incarcerated. On this basis, I ask why women marry political prisoners. 2 This question allows for an exploration of different forms of agency nested in the women's decision to marry political prisoners against the backdrop of political

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The Social Life of Fighting Words

The Case of Political Correctness

Ronald S. Stade

The Study of Fighting Words These days, calling something or someone “politically correct” is usually neither mere description nor praise. It is more likely an expression of disapproval, derision, or hostility. As such, it is mostly used to

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Science/technology as politics by other means

Simone Abram

This article introduces a series of ideas about the categories of science and politics, by way of actor network theory, Gell's theories of index and agency, and governmentality studies. It explores the ways in which science has become a discursive element in contemporary government, and examines the tensions between the purifying categorizations of politics and science, and the re-embedding (or hybridizing) of science into national political discourse. What emerges is a series of practices by which science is nationalized, domesticating the ideal of a generalized science into localized political debates at both national and sub-national levels, practices which may be transformed at national boundaries. While we acknowledge that science in practice is not abstract or generalizable (since it must engage with a world which is not abstracted), it is the abstracting and purifying work attributed to science which makes it attractive as a political alibi for particular political projects. Rather than seeing science as politics by other means, perhaps we should be examining the creation of a rehybridized science-politics.

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Finding a place in the world

Political subjectivities and the imagination of Iceland after the economic crash

Kristín Loftsdóttir

sources, new political subjectivities emerged in Iceland, almost like a mythological phoenix from the flames. As phrased by one international online journal, the Icelandic people “refus[ed] to bow to foreign interests,” and thus the “small country stated

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Corrective Capacities

From Unruly Politics to Democratic Capacitación

Susan Ellison

transferable to larger-scale social conflict. The underlying – and frequently unstated – assumption is that this transfer will help promote greater economic and political stability. Over the next hour, participants take turns sharing their thoughts about