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Thomas Meagher and Farhang Erfani

A. Shahid Stover, Being and Insurrection: Existential Liberation Critique, Sketches and Ruptures (New York: Cannae Press, 2019), 266 pp., $20, ISBN: 9781733551007 (paperback) While the mid-twentieth century texts that compose the bulk of

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Strenski's Unfinished Work

Durkheim, Modernity and Doubts

Massimo Rosati

Ivan Strenski, The New Durkheim. New Brunswick (NJ) and London: Rutgers University Press, 2006, pp. 376.

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John Ireland

Yan Hamel, L’Amérique selon Sartre : littérature, philosophie, politique. Montreal : Presses Universitaires de Montréal, 2013, 267 pages.

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John Gillespie, Kyle Shuttleworth, Nik Farrell Fox, and Mike Neary

translation to completion was neither useless nor in vain. The scholarly community is indebted to Sarah Richmond for all her work. John Gillespie Ulster University Jonathan Webber, Rethinking Existentialism (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018

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Sartre in Austria

Boycott, Scandals, and the Fight for Peace

Juliane Werner

believed that, as a result of press manipulation, his confrères had become suspicious: “Personally, I know many good people who ought to be here with us and aren’t. Why? Well, out of pessimism, resignation, and then they’ve been made to fear that the

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Jean-Christophe Marcel

Maurice Halbwachs, Les Classes Sociales, édition critique de Gilles Montigny, préface de Christian Baudelot, Paris : Presses Universitaires de France, 2008, pp. 300.

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Elizabeth A. Bowman

Sartre and Evil: Guidelines for a Struggle. Haim Gordon and Rivca Gordon. (Westport, CT/London: Greenwod Press, 1995). 235 pp. $59.95

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Keith Hart, Florence Weber, Nathan Schlanger, Gavin Flood, and Mike Gane

Marcel Mauss, Manual of Ethnography, edited by N. J. Allen, translated by D. Lussier, Oxford and New York: Durkheim Press/Berghahn Press, 2007, pp. 212.

Marcel Mauss, Techniques, Technology and Civilisation, edited and introduced by Nathan Schlanger, New York and Oxford, Durkheim Press/ Berghahn Books, 2006, pp. 178.

Marcel Mauss, Essai sur le don. Forme et raison de l’échange dans les sociétés archaïques, introduction de Florence Weber, Paris: Quadrige/ Presses Universitaires de France, [1925] 2007.

Louise Child, Tantric Buddhism and Altered States of Consciousness: Durkheim, Emotional Energy and Visions of the Consort, Aldershot: Ashgate, 2007, pp. vii, 197.

James Dingley, Nationalism, Social Theory and Durkheim, London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008, pp. 221.

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Ursula Tidd and Andrew Leak

Terry Keefe, Simone de Beauvoir. Macmillan Modern Novelists. Basingstoke: Macmillan Press, 1998, xi + 191pp. ISBN 0-333-63974-X £11.99 (paperback). Review by Ursula Tidd

Jean-François Fourny and Charles D. Minahen, eds, Situating Sartre in Twentieth- Century Thought and Culture, New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1997, 214 pp. ISBN 0-312-16079-8 Review by Andrew Leak

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Matthew C. Ally

Joseph S. Catalano, Reading Sartre. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. 213pp., $25.99 (paperback) ISBN 978-0-521-15227-3; $85.00 (cloth) ISBN 978-0-521-76646-3