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The Specter of Communism

Denmark, 1848

Bertel Nygaard

and dissemination of the modern concept of communism—that is, in the sense of a sociopolitical movement, based on the modern proletariat, striving toward the abolishment of social inequality in general and bourgeois private property in particular. 19

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Against Analogy

Why Analogical Arguments in Support of Workplace Democracy Must Necessarily Fail

Roberto Frega

most relevant because it trumps the right to private property which, for Dahl, stands in the way of the democratization of the firm. The upshot is that if an association must be organized democratically, then equality must be entitled to trump private

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American Quarantine

The Right to Housing in a Pandemic

Bonnie Honig

provided warning to a widow that she would soon be evicted, for the sake of a regime of patriarchal private property. These are not arcane legalities; we live in their afterlife as many people now face the threat of eviction and others the difficulties of

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The Will of the People?

Carl Schmitt and Jean-Jacques Rousseau on a Key Question in Democratic Theory

Samuel Salzborn

been demanded in the real world, as demanded by democracy in the modern age, the corresponding debate can no longer be silenced ( Salzborn 2013 ). However, the anchoring of bourgeois capitalist society in private property created an essential and

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The Limits of Liberal Democracy

Prospects for Democratizing Democracy

Viviana Asara

production. This is due to the complete separation of the producer from the conditions of labor (by means of complete expropriation) and to the appropriators’ absolute private property in the means of production. The moment of appropriation is concomitantly

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Benoît Godin

, namely, private property. Innovation is a scheme or design in a pejorative sense—as it is a conspiracy in political literature (words used are “project” or “plan” or “plot” or “machination”). This connotation remained in vocabulary until late in the

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Marcos S. Scauso, Garrett FitzGerald, Arlene B. Tickner, Navnita Chadha Behera, Chengxin Pan, Chih-yu Shih, and Kosuke Shimizu

inheritances, arguably one of the main sources of contemporary liberal democratic theory and practice. This kind of liberalism is rooted in the principles of private property, individual freedom, and government by consent, all of which have their basis in the

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Michael McGuire

, and tables), farming implements, and kitchen utensils—to Somme and Aisne households. These allocations restored private property lost to German forces and largely ignored by official French ventures. 68 After distributing necessities, the SCRU and

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Nicole Hudgins

contends, however, that the anthropomorphic language of ruins was also linked to the determination in France to restore national infrastructure and private property to “normalcy”—that is, to prewar order and appearance. Unable to reverse the human

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Free from State Violence or Free to Comply?

A Revised Typology of Coercion and Repression in Liberal Democracies

Barbora Capinska

turn non-repressive. This claim finds further support in Macpherson’s definition of liberal democracy, whose main purpose of existence is the sustenance of a capitalist economy based on preserving private property, on the one hand, and in a finding