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Peter Herrmann

obligation to engage in dependent work—depending on private property or work employed on the ground of property privately owned by others. This implies, and in the reference to John Locke and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel more importantly than the fact itself

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Matthew Eshleman

seem like a provocative thesis. In relying solely on right-wing libertarians like Hayek and Rothbard, whom Sartre never read, Irwin seems ignorant of left-wing anarchist views that accept market competition and qualified notions of private property. For

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Valeriy Heyets

not produce autonomous private property or the separation of economic and political power … Instead, it weakened the autonomy of both the state and private property and pushed countries toward crony or politicized capitalism” ( 2018: 306 ). Mann (2005

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David Schweikart

same time, an avenger. According to Marx, he carries out the sentence that private property passes on itself. 22 Now, from a Marxian point of view, Camus’s reasoning here is specious. Marx was anything but a fiery agitator for revolutionary violence

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Counter-Violence and Islamic Terrorism

Is Liberation without Freedom Possible?

Maria Russo

thought of Dühring and Engels, the basis of an oppressive condition for Sartre was already present in the context of nomadic primitive man, with the emergence of the structure of desire, prior, even, to private property and slavery. Thus, oppression

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Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

coalition partners generally don't believe in climate change, the burn period has not been adjusted. Agencies kept on doing the same old thing, and when the fires got out of control, they extended “hazard reduction” burning to private property (as they have

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Human Connection in the Light of the Writings of Karl Marx and Amartya Sen

An Investigation Using Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis and Manik Bandyopadhyay's Ekannoborti

Simantini Mukhopadhyay

; appropriation as estrangement, as alienation, and private property as “the material, summary expression of alienated labor.” In The German Ideology , Marx and Engels note that division of labor in a capitalist society produces a rift between “the particular

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Does the City of Ends Correspond to a Classless Society?

A New Idea of Democracy in Sartre's Hope Now

Maria Russo

. Historically, communism is based on a centrally planned economy without any private property. We are not sure that for Sartre accepting a classless society could have consequently meant a centrally planned economy. We also must consider the influence of

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Searching for a New Way of Thinking about Society

A Noospheric Social Quality Orientation for Development toward Sustainability

Vyacheslav Nikolayevitch Bobkov and Nikolay Vyacheslavovich Bobkov

supremacy of private property and egoistic interests. These kinds of intelligence currently dominate on our planet, and in Russia, they are animated by indifference, competitiveness, and violence. The evolution of noospheric social intelligence is proceeding

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De Beauvoir, Existentialism and Marx

A Dialectic on Freedom

Angela Shepherd

vital for liberation from oppression, but for him a communist state which abolishes private property ownership, and all the alienating consequences that follow on from it, would be the basis for equality. The proletarian revolution required in order to