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Call for Papers

Feminist Movements across the Board (A Critical Analysis)

Barbara Franchi, Natália S. Perez, and Giovanni A. Travaglino

Feminist movements have had a fundamental impact on social life in many different parts of the world. Reforms in marriage and private property laws, as well as change in spheres as diverse as sexual life, contraception, and the work-place have had profound consequences on the way we conceptualize, act and signify gender relations. Feminist thinkers and activists have also brought attention to the impact that the intersectionality of racism, heterosexism, poverty and religious intolerance (among many other factors) can have in people’s lives.

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Jillian Schwedler

enforcement of private property is not merely about economic class but can be understood as fully complicit with the militarized management of the city ( Lambert 2015 ). Thus, like megaprojects everywhere, Abdali Boulevard dramatically curtailed both the

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The Silent Spring

Why Pro-democracy Activity Was Avoided in Gulf Nations during the Arab Spring

Charles Mitchell, Juliet Dinkha, and Aya Abdulhamid

oil wealth for human resources and to subsidize public sector programs such as health care, education, and public housing. However, he later outlawed many forms of private property, halted infrastructure improvements, wasted state funds and resources

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Peter Herrmann

obligation to engage in dependent work—depending on private property or work employed on the ground of property privately owned by others. This implies, and in the reference to John Locke and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel more importantly than the fact itself

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Richard Widick and John Foran

carbon-fueled industrial modernity ( Anderson 2012 ; DDPP 2014 ; McKibben 2012 ; Urry 2011). Next consider how neoliberal thought projects a future of infinite economic growth achieved by expansion of private property rights: is that not also utopian

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Unsettling the Land

Indigeneity, Ontology, and Hybridity in Settler Colonialism

Paul Berne Burow, Samara Brock, and Michael R. Dove

into private property is a double negation: the loss of land, and the devastation of the sets of relationships that constitute land in Indigenous ontologies. Capitalism is fundamental to the structural conditions of settler colonialism. Settler

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John Sonnett

to have not only representative democracy, but also “a private-sector market economy” (59) and an “international free-trade policy” (70). Rome not only “protected private property” (76), but also “honored individualism” (105). It was “the invisible

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Michael Sheridan

boundaries signified a transformation from communal ownership to private property regimes ( Marx 1915: 100 ; Morgan 1878: 217 ). In part because of the need to organize local government and spur cash crop production in its colonial empire, British

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Ethnographies of Private Security

Erella Grassiani and Tessa Diphoorn

. 2004 . “ Policing Communal Spaces: A Reconfiguration of the ‘Mass Private Property’ Hypothesis .” British Journal of Criminology 44 ( 4 ): 562 – 581 . 10.1093/bjc/azh027 Kinsey , Christopher . 2005 . “ Challenging International Law: A Dilemma of

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Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

coalition partners generally don't believe in climate change, the burn period has not been adjusted. Agencies kept on doing the same old thing, and when the fires got out of control, they extended “hazard reduction” burning to private property (as they have