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Assaf Meydani

In recent decades, the role that national supreme courts have played in shaping and determining institutional change has been studied from a number of angles. However, this vast literature has not produced a dynamic model that is capable of illuminating the impact of supreme courts on national policy or institutional change. This article proposes such a dynamic model using perspectives based on the 'shared mental model' and the concept of 'political entrepreneurship'. Adapting hypotheses from the neo-institutionalism literature, it develops a procedural model for analyzing how political rules are changed formally in a democratic system. The analysis also explores the political entrepreneur role that supreme courts play in developing institutional change and addressing social problems. This model is then used to study the Supreme Court in Israel.

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Rights and Risks

Evenki Concerns Regarding the Proposed Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean Pipeline

Gail Fondahl and Anna Sirina

Indigenous peoples' rights to a healthy environment and to be able to participate in decisions affecting their environment are increasingly recognized in Russian law. In this article we explore the case of the Evenki living at the north end of Lake Baikal, who are faced with the construction of an oil pipeline through their home-land. The Evenki perceive significant potential risks to their livelihoods and lifeways due to potential environmental degradation from the pipeline, risks that destabilize their substantive rights. They also express frustration over their inability to participate in the pipeline planning—their procedural rights to decision making are not being realized. While the pipeline project is currently stymied over environmental concerns, environmental and cultural justice concerns of indigenous peoples could pose considerable de jure obstacles to its future progress, given the pipeline construction company's disregard of indigenous rights.

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Eilon Schwartz

the void that liberal democracy had created with its sacrifice of a shared sense of the good among citizens in favor of a procedural democracy that focuses on rights, it was easy for religious visions of the good to fill the vacuum that had been

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Ben Herzog

technical and involved only procedural adjustments. For example, Amendment 1 (1952) declared that a request for the renunciation of Israeli citizenship is not limited to citizens who are abroad. Amendment 3 (1971) stated that a Jew can express his intention

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A Woman of Valor Goes to Court

Tort Law as an Instrument of Social Change under Multiculturalism

Ella Glass and Yifat Bitton

divided into two categories: procedural and substantive. Procedurally, a public petition enjoys the advantages of immediacy in managing the proceedings and the ability to request unconventional remedies. Managing a private civil suit, in contrast, takes

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Individualization and Ethnopedagogy at Small Elementary Schools

Components of Vocational Training for University Tutors

Nikolai Neustroev, Anna Neustroeva, Tuyaara Shergina, and Jenanne K. Ferguson

Lebedintsev (2013: 244–248) , which includes substantive, procedural, and managerial conditions. While we recognize the utility of identifying the different conditions in these ways, we understand their content slightly differently. The procedural conditions

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Chava Brownfield-Stein

along the Gaza border have occasioned competing ideological, institutional, and procedural logics, as well as opposing legal paradigms. Targeted killing operations along the Gaza fence clearly reflect the tensions between labeling terrorism a crime and

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Salvatore Vassallo

On 3 and 4 April 2005, elections were held to elect the councils of 13 of

the 15 ordinary regions. In Basilicata the election took place two weeks

later, on 17 and 18 April, to allow the Unità Popolare list to take part in

the campaign. This list had initially been barred from running because

of procedural defects in the presentation of its lists of candidates, but

it was later readmitted by the Council of State. In Molise, on the other

hand, no election was held because in June 2001 the Council of State

had invalidated the regional election of the previous year on the ground

that some lists (Democratic Union for Europe, Greens, Italian Democratic

Socialists, and Party of Italian Communists) had been allowed to

run despite not having satisfied the requirements. This required holding

a new election, which took place in November 2001.

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Regional and sub-regional effects on development policies

The Benelux and the Nordic countries compared

Lauri Siitonen

EU development agenda, such as gender, sustainable development, and policy coherence, which will make it difficult to make causal claims. Top-down Europeanization may refer to the effect of substantive policy norms, policy practices and procedural

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Ecosystem integrity and policy coherence for development

Tools aimed at achieving balance as the basis for transformative development

Harlan Koff, Miguel Equihua Zamora, Carmen Maganda, and Octavio Pérez-Maqueo

Multilateral incoherence Incompatibility between the development goals and procedural norms of international organizations such as the EU, OECD, the UN, and the international financial institutions Donor-recipient incoherence Incoherence between