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Adeel Hamza and John Gannon

textual exegesis of the Legend of Abraham. At the same time, it provides insights into the intellectual and discursive milieu of the European interwar period, in particular helping to bring out conflict over the idea of race and Mauss’s place within this

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Singing with Dignity

Adding Social Quality to Organization Studies on Aging

Prabhir Vishnu Poruthiyil

membership in marginalized categories (immigrants, refugees, gender, caste, race, or nationality) are compounded by aging. The SQ framework addresses these concerns on the quality of daily circumstances in three interrelated ways. First, well-being of

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Marine Dhermy-Mairal, Jean-François Bert, and Baudry Rocquin

difficult to understand nowadays. These were definitely not based on any biological conception of race. In the case of black people, for instance, he seemed to think that their hierarchical position and their economic conditions would prevent them from

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Citizens and Citizenship

The Rhetoric of Dutch Immigrant Integration Policy in 2011

Dana Rem and Des Gasper

Interpretive Policy Analysis . Newbury Park, CA : Sage . 10.4135/9781412983747 Yanow , D. 2003 . Constructing “Race” and “Ethnicity” in America: Category-Making in Public Policy and Administration . Armonk, NY : M. E. Sharpe . Yanow , D. , and M

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Jan Berting

as “race” or “racial groups,” with “ethnic groups” and ethnicity. “Ethnic identity” is, following the definition of Eugeen Roosens: “a feeling of belonging and continuity-in-being (staying the same person through time) resulting from an act of self

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Ananta Kumar Giri

sociohistorical systems of domination such as caste system to embrace the challenge of the historical—especially the challenge of sociohistorical transformations of existing structures of domination such as caste, race, class, and gender. We realize the

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Ian Mahoney and Tony Kearon

for the postindustrial decline of the city to migrant groups, established political “elites,” or a combination of the two. Emotive sentiments and narratives surrounding race and migration, which often colored many of the Brexit debates, are well rooted

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Public Evaluation of Society in China

The Social Quality Approach

Ren Liying and Zou Yuchin

variable to indicate whether respondents have been treated unjustly by others in the past two years because of their gender, age, personality, race/ethnicity, physical appearance, registered residence, or religion. Social acceptance is a subjective self

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Ming-Lun Chung

. Legislative Yuan Gazette . Taipei Legislative Yuan . Low , S. , and D. Espelage . 2013 . “ Differentiating Cyber Bullying Perpetration from Non-physical Bullying: Commonalities across Race, Individual, and Family Predictors .” Psychology of Violence 3

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Matthieu Béra

: Druck von P. Schettler’s Erben] (1890) [03/11/1902-15/11/1902 (12j.)] [ENS1: (Brochure 339.33)] Baldwin, James, Le Développement mental chez l’enfant [et dans la race , traduit de l’anglais par M. Nourry et précédé d’une préface de M. Léon Marillier