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Louis-Antoine Saint-Just, Christopher Fotheringham, and Jérémie Barthas

We are publishing here the first modern English translation of the report on police and other matters presented by Louis-Antoine Saint-Just to the National Convention on 15 April 1794. This was his last report: his last appraisal of the history of the French Revolution since 1789, his last analysis of the social and economic consequences of the ongoing fight between revolutionary and counter-revolutionary forces and his last sketch on what still needed to be done to secure the foundations of the young Republic. A few months later, the 10th Thermidor year II of the French Republic (28 July 1794 CE), Saint-Just was guillotined in Paris, Place de la Révolution.

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Francesco Maria Scanni and Francesco Compolongo

phenomenon is accentuated when the schism between traditional institutions and corresponding social bases increases, and is a function of new (or renewed) social and political forces’ desire to reconstruct the rapport between power and the social bases via a

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Building Dignity?

Tracing Rights, Discretion, and Negotiation within a Norwegian Labor Activation Program

Erika Gubrium, Leah Johnstone, and Ivar Lødemel

og Levekår i Norge: Tilstand og utviklingstrekk—2015 [ Poverty and living conditions in Norway: Conditions and trends—2015 ]. NAV-rapport 2016 : 1 . Oslo : EIER . Leibetseder , B. , E. Gubrium , D. Dierckx , R. Hauri , R. Fluder , and

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Beyond Metaphor

Corporeal Sociability and the Language of Commerce in Eighteenth-Century Britain and France

Joseph D. Bryan

states that circumscribed the behavior of individuals through internal motions. As the Idéologue Pierre-Jean-Georges Cabanis would later write, in his Rapports du physique et du moral de l'homme (1802), “organized bodies are able … to contract

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Promises of Proximity as Articulated by Changing Moral Elites

Anders Sevelsted

[Volunteers in social work] Rapport, 88:2 (Copenhagen: Socialforskningsinstituttet, 1988); Ulla Habermann, “En postmoderne helgen?” [A post-modern saint?] (Museum Tusculanum, 2007); Ulla Habermann, Det Tredie Netværk [The third network] (Copenhagen

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A Woman Politician in the Cold War Balkans

From Biography to History

Krassimira Daskalova

antifascist countries (on the territories of Yugoslavia and Hungary). See “Rapport déposé par la délégation de Bulgarie: la participation des femmes a l’oeuvre de restauration de la démocratie et d’etablissement de la paix” [Report of the Bulgarian delegation

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Crossing Boundaries

The Case of Wanda Wasilewska and Polish Communism

Agnieszka Mrozik

as she declared her positive attitude toward the situation in the USSR, her relationship with her father, who was an adamant critic of first tsarist and then Soviet Russia, became strained. Her rapport with her older sister, Halina (1899–1961)—an

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Ayşe Durakbaşa, Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild, Ana Pajvančić-Cizelj, Evgenia Sifaki, Maria Repoussi, Emilia Salvanou, Tatyana Kotzeva, Tamara Zlobina, Maria Bucur, Anna Muller, Katarzyna Stańczak-Wiślicz, Lukas Schretter, Iza Desperak, Susan Zimmermann, and Marina Soroka

development of Enlightenment thought. It is worth mentioning a few examples, like Ekaterini Soutsou’s translation of French texts about women’s education, among them the Entretiene de Phocion sur le rapport de la morale avec la politic (Phodon

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Ten Years After

Communism and Feminism Revisited

Francisca de Haan, Kristen Ghodsee, Krassimira Daskalova, Magdalena Grabowska, Jasmina Lukić, Chiara Bonfiglioli, Raluca Maria Popa, and Alexandra Ghit

communisms as criminal regimes). A body of recent research on communist women’s organizations seems to be creating, via the assumptions and methodologies of women’s and gender history, positionings that do not quite fit or construct a rapport with either camp