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African Philosophy and Rights

Motsamai Molefe and Chris Allsobrook

A useful way to approach the discourse of rights in African philosophy is in terms of Kwasi Wiredu’s (1996) distinction between cultural particulars and universals. According to Wiredu, cultural particulars are contingent and context-dependent. They fail to hold in all circumstances and for everyone (Wiredu 2005). Cultural universals are transcultural or objective (Wiredu 2005). Examples of cultural particulars include dress styles, religious rituals, social etiquette and so on. One example of a cultural universal is the norm of truth. One may imagine a society with different methods of greeting, dress, and raising children, but one cannot imagine a robust society which rejects the norm of truth as the basis of social practices.

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The Democracy of Everyday Life in Disaster

Holding Our Lives in Their Hands

Nancy L. Rosenblum

meaning lies in utopian and dystopian prophecies. On one hand, rituals of solidarity (standing in doorways at 7pm to applaud or howl for those who care for the sick) model citizenship and prefigure democratic transformation. “A paradise built in hell” will

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Roberto Farneti

-disciplinary scrutiny. And by the same token such terms as ritual, the sacred, and sacrifice, once forced to obsolescence by our progressive conceptions, gain new consideration and status (see Brighi and Cerella 2016 ; Juergensmeyer 2003 ; Wydra 2015 ). But still

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Revisiting the Menkiti-Gyekye Debate

Who Is a Radical Communitarian?

Motsamai Molefe

the rituals of incorporation and the overarching necessity of learning the social rules by which the community lives, so that what was initially biologically given can come to attain social self-hood, i.e. become a person with all the inbuilt

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Ajume H. Wingo

take for her- or himself. Neither is citizenship simply a matter of performing certain civic rituals like voting or subjecting oneself to jury duty. On the contrary, ritualised voting may distract individuals from their everyday responsibility in making

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What’s a Political Theorist to Do?

Rawls, the Fair Value of the Basic Political Liberties, and the Collapse of the Distinction Between ‘Ideal’ and ‘Nonideal’ Theory

Susan Orr and James Johnson

may think of games and rituals, trials and parliaments, markets and systems of property. ( Rawls 1971: 55 ) Note, though, that here Rawls casts the idea of a ‘public system of rules’ in general terms of actions that are permissible or forbidden and

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Gustavo H. Dalaqua

debate guided by such rituals tends to help participants understand each other more than one in which the absence of clear deliberative procedures permits citizens to interrupt each other all the time and ramble on with idiosyncratic galimatias. All in

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Daryl Glaser

envisaged as a stylised ritual capping a process of intense pre-negotiation, as a platform of ‘expression’ rather than ‘deliberation’. 9 It would be a formal General Assembly, of which only ten had been held previously to mark important moments of