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Negotiating Intimacy in the Shadow of War (France, 1914-1920s)

New Perspectives in the Cultural History of World War I

Bruno Cabanes

Over the past twenty years, the cultural and social history of the Great War has undergone a profound revitalization and given rise to new areas of research, such as the history of the body and of violence, the relationships between the front lines and the home front, the “cultures of war,“ and religious feeling. At the heart of this approach is an interest in intimacy, or the private life of soldiers and their relationships with their loved ones, an area that has been explored thanks to a new focus on personal archives: letters, diaries, photographs. Taking wartime France as its example, this article analyzes the contributions of this new history of World War I and assesses its methodological issues. The Great War can thus be seen in its full measure, not only as the first conflict conducted on a global scale, but also as a true anthropological turning point, one that caused tremendous upheaval for those who lived through it: new kinds of violence on the battlefields, new mourning rituals, unfamiliar difficulties in reconnecting with private life in the aftermath of the war.

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Nick Underwood

tried to engage religious Jewish immigrants through a subversion of traditional Jewish women’s practice and ritual. 44 The Communist Guidebook to Paris and a New Mikveh In May 1937, Naye prese published Paris: A Jewish Handbook and Guidebook ( Pariz

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Two Failures of Left Internationalism

Political Mimesis at French University Counter-Summits, 2010–2011

Eli Thorkelson

-Strauss, “an orgy of repetitions” of presidential ritual. 25 Supranational politics draws on this ritual repertoire as well: as Cris Shore observes, the European Union has long sought legitimacy by imitating traditional state forms. “The new Europe is being

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Demos and Nation

Misplacing the Dilemmas of the European Union--In Memory of Stanley Hoffmann

Charles S. Maier

, as it were, into ritualized games: the rival polites of Greece met quadrennially in the games that affirmed their unity; the Mesoamerican polities shared their ritualized ball games as well as wars waged for the sake of capturing sacrificial

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Michael Miller, Paul V. Dutton, and Laura Hobson Faure

shifts in the postwar Jewish world justified Szajkowski’s transformation from collecting to looting. For many American Jewish and Zionist observers, Jewish life could not thrive in Europe. In order to “save” Jewish ritual objects and books, they would

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By Sentiment and By Status

Remembering and Forgetting Crémieux during the Franco-Algerian War

Jessica Hammerman

ashamed of their families’ Jewish foods and music. 34 There were some bizarre consequences to this fascination. Algerian Jews (unlike Jews elsewhere) used French (Catholic) vocabulary to describe Jewish rituals—Bar Mitzvah became communion, for example

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Political Campaigns and Civic Culture

Comparing Canvassing and Party Structures in the French and American 2012 Presidential Campaigns

Julien Talpin

, Ground Wars . 22 Green and Gerber, Get Out the Vote . 23 Erving Goffman, The Interaction Ritual (Pantheon: New York, 1967). 24 The TIPP is the tax on gas. A floating TIPP therefore means that the rate of the tax varies depending on the gross price of

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Aaron Freundschuh, Jonah D. Levy, Patricia Lorcin, Alexis Spire, Steven Zdatny, Caroline Ford, Minayo Nasiali, George Ross, William Poulin-Deltour, and Kathryn Kleppinger

magic, shamanism, and illusion, Western illusionists, Jones argues, have played a notable ritual function in “mediating the cosmological values of secular modernity” (148). But Jones does not abandon the Isawa altogether. In his discussion of recent

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Jablonka’s History

Literature and the Search for Truth

Sarah Fishman

own personal interactions with school principals or piano teachers helps them understand that ordinary people may have had reason not to convey their ideas with complete honesty. We also use manifestations of popular culture, rituals, festivals, folk

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From Political Fringe to Political Mainstream

The Front National and the 2014 Municipal Elections in France

Gabriel Goodliffe

“counter-culture” with its own rituals, modes of association, and forms of communal sociability that seek to make the FN inextricable from the social and political life of the community. 24 The working-class city of Hénin-Beaumont in the northern