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Miniature Bride or Little Girl Religious

First Communion Clothing in Post-war Spanish Culture and Society

Jessamy Harvey

The tradition of religious clothing for children is relatively unexplored: this article develops the premise that debates about the links between the sacred and the market go deeper than concern about consumption, and bring to the surface issues of identity. Through exploring the historical development of the First Communion, not as religious ritual but as Catholic consumer culture, the article turns to analyse girls' communicant dress in Spain between the 1940s and 1960s which were the early decades of a dictatorial Regime (1939 to 1975) marked by an ideology of National-Catholicism. General Francisco Franco y Bahamonde, leader of the military rebellion against the elected government in 1936, ruled Spain until his death. One of my aims is to correct a tendency to make the little girl dressed in bridal wear the most visible sign because to do so disregards the cultural practice of wearing clothing to perform piety, signal a vocation or express gratitude for religious intercession.

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Torben Grodal

Based on film examples and evolutionary psychology, this article discusses why viewers are fascinated not only with funny and pleasure-evoking films, but also with sad and disgust-evoking ones. This article argues that although the basic emotional mechanisms are made to avoid negative experiences and approach pleasant ones, a series of adaptations modify such mechanisms. Goal-setting in narratives implies that a certain amount of negative experiences are gratifying challenges, and comic mechanisms make it possible to deal with negative social emotions such as shame. Innate adaptations make negative events fascinating because of the clear survival value, as when children are fascinated by stories about loss of parental attachment. Furthermore, it seems that the interest in tragic stories ending in death is an innate adaptation to reaffirm social attachment by the shared ritual of sadness, often linked to acceptance of group living and a tribal identity.

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Danai S. Mupotsa

Becoming-girl-woman-bride refers to the various positions and transformations of the bride. The girl and the bride as related in becoming-bride are the site of intense sociocultural investment and anxiety played out in the central role the bride takes in the wedding ritual. I draw from autoethnographic material, interviews, and bridal magazines, specifically those in circulation in South Africa that include representations of black women as brides. I conclude this article with an argument about the black femme as a so-called girly line of flight that produces our image of common sense, albeit with a different relation to visibility. Moving from the premise that common sense is overwhelmed by the visual sense, I position the black femme in relation to the image of common sense and I offer a reading of how images produce a range of simultaneous identifications and disidentifications, particularly in relation to the image of the ideal bride.

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A Call to Action

Creativity and Black Girlhood

Crystal Leigh Endsley

govern the format of SOLHOT meetings to organize her text. The “Acts of Recognition…[acknowledging] who walks with us” (Brown 2013: 64) is a ritual to signal to the participants that their work is sacred and that it moves through and with time during

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Education, Entertainment, and Indoctrination

Educational Film in Interwar China

Kaiyi Li

) and a central promoter of the Three Principles of the People ideology, argued that, since ideological loyalty cannot be maintained by dictatorial power alone, political movements must permeate citizens’ daily lives. 52 According to Dai, ritual plays

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Barbara Roche Rico

’s later works, Rituals of Survival (1985) and A Matter of Pride and Other Stories (1997), are set during the period after the Great Migration, when declining economic conditions made survival in an urban environment even more difficult. A Matter of

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Mixed Message Media

Girls’ Voices and Civic Engagement in Student Journalism

Piotr S. Bobkowski and Genelle I. Belmas

high school rituals and rites of passage like dances and sports ( Hoffman 2005 ), high school journalists can use their media to address consequential issues, and thus learn how to become engaged citizens through the use of media. Journalism education

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Hieronymus Purwanta

textbook can be found in the glorification of military figures, as in the description of Soedirman’s role in the Indonesian victory in the Semarang battle. The textbook describes how Soedirman, still wearing his uniform, performed ritual ablutions ( wudhu

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Girlhood and Ethics

The Role of Bodily Integrity

Mar Cabezas and Gottfried Schweiger

include anything from initiation rituals in puberty to questionable procedures in beauty contests for girls. Similarly, one might think that such a direction in policy-making could conflict with parental rights since in many moral and political dilemmas

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Natalie Clark

her task she uses every resource of her present existence: technology and myth, politics and motherhood, ritual balance and clearsighted utterance, ironic comments and historical perspective (quoted in Charnley 1990: 19 ). Indigenous scholars no