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Erin Ash

white privilege” (2010: 207). Further, white savior films may also reinforce negative attitudes about African Americans because the notion that the recipients of the savior’s kindness need to be saved naturalizes black stereotypes, particularly those

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Christopher Blake Evernden, Cynthia A. Freeland, Thomas Schatz, and Frank P. Tomasulo

discusses sexual selection theory in order to further her argument that gender stereotypes and balance are not assumed in contemporary horror cinema. Psychologist Jeffrey Jensen Arnett is referenced for his concept of “emerging adults,” young persons who are

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A Vision of the Viewer

Situating Narration in the Fiction Film in the Context of Theories of Narrative Comprehension

Joseph P. Magliano and James A. Clinton

relevant event schemas. In this way, he emphasized a dynamic relationship between the flow of images on the screen and the knowledge activated to support comprehension. Like Russian formalism, he specified how learned, stereotypical patterns in the syuzhet

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Catalin Brylla and Mette Kramer

related but not interchangeable. Another example is the use of social stereotypes—a common contextual coefficient in documentary production and reception. This particular coefficient may or may not lead to the social impact of prejudice toward and

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Andreas Baranowski and Heiko Hecht

stereotypes of people ( Thomas and Johnston 1981 ) and experiences ( Bordwell 1985 ) to let viewers form simplified representations of the portrayed events. Thus, simplifications are deliberately used by moviemakers, either to help the audience comprehend a

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David Bordwell

a role for stereotyped conceptual structures that the perceiver deploys in order to identify what’s going on and fit that to a larger context. My only substantive comment on Joe and James’s useful analysis is to wonder whether the focus on verbal

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Dan Flory

followed in his footsteps. As a performer who refined the racist “coon” stereotype in early sound movies, Perry frequently resorted to eliciting humor through racialized disgust by means of exaggeratedly witless actions such as the one mentioned above; and

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The Aesthetics of Boredom

Slow Cinema and the Virtues of the Long Take in Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

Emre Çağlayan

suggests a distant kinship to Turkish literary works such as Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu’s Yaban (The Stranger, 1932). The novel portrays the experiences of a stereotypical Republican subject, an enlightened individual (typically a doctor, teacher, or

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Synthetic Beings and Synthespian Ethics

Embodiment Technologies in Science/Fiction

Jane Stadler

overcome developmental challenges of transforming fiction into reality ( 2011, 197 ). By contrast, Despina Kakoudaki (2014) views science-fictional developments in cybernetics and robotics as stereotypical, arguing they have very little to do with

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Kata Szita, Paul Taberham, and Grant Tavinor

affect theory (1962 , 1963 ). Tomkins's work is an early source of the idea of emotions as partially comprising stereotypical physiological responses that can be categorized according to their valance—positive, negative, or neutral—the kinds of