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Pioneering Doktormutter

Remembering Ina-Maria Greverus

Helena Wulff

The author reconsiders German scholar Ina-Maria Greverus as a committed feminist supporter of female doctoral students and early career academics. Greverus acted as an innovator especially in the realms of anthropology and aesthetics, and initiated a new international dialogue forum with the Anthropological Journal or European Cultures, which she founded in 1990 together with Christian Giordano.

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'Jewish' Ethnic Options in Germany between Attribution and Choice

Auto-ethnographical Reflections at the Jewish Museum Berlin

Victoria Bishop Kendzia

This article explores the issue of ethnic attributions versus options pertaining to Jewishness in Germany. The methodology is a combination of standard ethnographic fieldwork with Berlin-based high-school students before, during and after visits to the Jewish Museum Berlin (JMB) and auto-ethnography detailing and analysing my own experiences in and outside of the research sites. My goal is to illustrate particularities of interactions in sites like the JMB by contrasting the way in which Jewishness is handled in and outside of the standardised research situation. Further, the material points to continuities between anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. My analysis aims to open up further, productive discussion on this point.

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Troublesome Temporalities

Europe between Nostalgia and Promise

Cris Shore

The three articles published in this Forum section were all finalists for the Graduate Student Prize of the Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE), which met at the American Anthropological Association’s 2013 meeting in Chicago. While they deal with different parts of Europe (Bulgaria and Romania and Spain, respectively), what unites them is a shared interest in issues of loss, social memory, identity, agency and death, and, in particular, the way people experience temporality and change (see Connerton 1989; Forty and Küchler 1991). The authors brilliantly capture the mood of uncertainty and anxiety facing Europeans in a period of unprecedented uncertainty, insecurity and austerity. What they also show is how Europe’s poor and marginalised are both shaped by and, in turn, try to shape or subvert the national and European policy regimes to which they are subjected.

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Play of Mirrors

An Encounter of Personal Biographies with Europe’s Journey

Marcos Farias Ferreira

were all students of International Relations and all were conscious, some more than others to be frank, of what it meant to be there at that particular juncture. No one could anticipate the tensions that would mark the years 1991–1993, but as we walked

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Tiina Ann Kirss

competition) oriented to high school students throughout Estonia. The assignment, to be supervised by history teachers, was to find either a relative or a resident of one’s hometown who had been deported to Siberia and returned. As the 1941 deportation had few

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Every Dog Has Its Day

New Patterns in Pet Keeping in Iran

Anahita Grisoni and Marjan Mashkour

French, then translated into Persian by the second author and distributed to nine participants residing in three towns in Iran during the winter of 2015−2016. These interviews were led by three students – Sanaz Beizaee Doost and Roya Khazaeli, who have

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Manijeh Nasrabadi, Maryam Aras, Alexander Djumaev, Sina Zekavat, Mary Elaine Hegland, Rosa Holman, and Amina Tawasil

decisive impact on the nascent Black Power movement, offering a view of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that resonated with anti-racist and anti-imperialist activists in organisation such as the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee and the Black

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Finding a Place to Sit

How Qatari Women Combine Cultural and Kinship Capital in the Home Majlis

Rehenuma Asmi

’s Consultant Single Host Al-Anoud Master’s Oil Sector Single Friend Noura Bachelor’s Teacher Single Family Khadija Bachelor’s Student Single Family Jamila PhD Researcher Single Colleague Laila High School — Single Family Karima High School — Single Family Amina

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Publications, Exhibitions and Conferences

Sara Farhan, Paul Fox, and Fakhri Haghani

chapters rely on published memoires, interviews with medical diaspora, existing historiography on modern Iraq, and his own experience as a medical student and practitioner. In discussing the inception of state-sponsored medicine, Dewachi argues that the

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Larisa Deriglazova

relevant. I will also use the data from qualitative research on ‘Russianness’ conducted among students in Tomsk in 2006 and 2014. Other indicators showing participation of Russian institutes in EU-funded programmes were taken from official EU statistics