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Made in Nigeria

Duress and Upwardly Mobile Youth in the Biography of a Young Entrepreneur in Enugu

Inge Ligtvoet

(s) of people and understand them in the context of hardship, whether this is in times of violent conflict or in long-term lingering insecurity and uncertainty. Azu’s biography serves as an analytical tool to understand the choices of young Nigerians with

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the Sociology of Military Knowledge in the IDF

From 'Forging' to 'Deciphering'

Zeev Lerer and Sarit Amram-Katz

This article discusses the links between military knowledge production and the cultural representations of war based on the Israeli experience during the past two decades. It argues that the locus of military knowledge production has moved from what can be described as 'forging knowledge' to 'deciphering knowledge'. This transition is linked to a crisis in the classic representation of war, which is based on the congruence between three binary signifiers: enemy, arena, and violence. The article asserts that the blurring of these three signifiers has created a Bourdieuian field of military knowledge production in which symbolic capital is obtained from the production of knowledge that deciphers the new uncertainty. The article follows the relations between the binaries and the types of knowledge that have been imported and translated in the IDF with regard to four major operational settings: the Oslo redeployment, the Second Intifada, the disengagement from Gaza, and the aftermath of the Second Lebanon War.

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Yaron Ezrahi

Is Israeli democracy in danger? The short answer is yes! But which democracy is not in some sense or another fragile and in danger? In some democracies it is the rise of the extreme right and racism in reaction to Muslim minorities, in others the possibility of disastrous economic collapse, and in still others the nearing possibility of a civil war. In the case of Israel it is unreasonable to assess the future of democracy given the deep uncertainties about the prospects of a settlement with the Palestinians and of achieving definable agreed-upon borders in the foreseeable future, and Israel’s permanently grave state of security. In addition, no one can risk predicting the prospect and consequences of a war involving thousands of missiles over Israeli cities if the present deadlock of the peace process persists and eventually leads to an explosion.

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Udi Sommer

. The ‘Glocal’ Settings of Judicial Decision-Makers As international connections and international law play an ever-growing role, decision-making processes have become increasingly composite for political actors. Complexity and high levels of uncertainty

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Israel Goes to the Polls

The Road to Elections for the Constituent Assembly, 1948–1949

Meir Chazan

atmosphere of severe uncertainty, accompanied by a variety of harsh internal conflicts. The preparations and the successful elections were the result of the increasingly functional skills of the Zionist movement and the Yishuv (the Jewish community of

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Heroes of Our Time

The Historical-Political Context of Devorah Omer’s Novels

Rima Shikhmanter

doubt, hesitation, uncertainty, and coercion, Itamar bows to his unsought destiny, and Omer illustrates the price paid—not only by those who choose their fate willingly, but also by those who have it thrust upon them involuntarily. On his thorny path

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Adi Binhas

.7545600 . Bressers , Hans Th. A. , and Walter A. Rosenbaum . 2000 . “ Innovation, Learning, and Environmental Policy: Overcoming ‘A Plague of Uncertainties.’ ” Policy Studies Journal 28 ( 3 ): 523 – 539 .

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Sociology in the Garden

Beyond the Liberal Grammar of Contemporary Sociology

Nissim Mizrachi

so, they undermined what anthropology does when at its best: “[t]he repositioning of horizons and decentering of perspectives” (ibid.: 276). Geertz further claimed that responding to the uncertainty this creates by “placing morality beyond culture” is

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Jewish Secular-Believer Women in Israel

A Complex and Ambivalent Identity

Hagar Lahav

condition, where disparate and contradictory strands of knowledge and passion indeed yield ambivalence and uncertainty ( Cornell 1988 ). Bauman (1992: 193) maintains that the postmodern habitat is “a territory subjected to rival and contradictory meaning

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From Jewish Sentiments to Rational Exhortations

Battle Missives in the Israel Defense Forces

Netta Galnoor

; Sarbin 1986 ). Constructing and interpreting reality are even more challenging in times of war, when fear and uncertainty prevail ( Comaroff and Stern 1995 ). In writing battle missives, Israeli commanders create and reaffirm a shared identity, telling