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Fabrizio Di Mascio and Alessandro Natalini

The modernization of the public administration has been one of the main objectives pursued by the Renzi government. What distinguishes the reform cycle launched in 2015 is the emphasis on centralization, unification, and the reduction of institutional fragmentation in the public sector after a long period in which autonomy and the organizational pluralism of administrations and government levels were enhanced. This reform strategy is consistent with the underlying trends of transformation in the political and institutional systems, in which the power of the prime minister has gradually increased. The actual impact of these reform measures, however, depends on concrete organizational instruments of subsequent implementing legislation in a context characterized by persistent spending cuts, which are necessary to maintain financial stability.

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Sports Diplomacy and Emergent Nationalism

Football Links between the Two Yemens, 1970-1990

Thomas B. Stevenson and Abdul Karim Alaug

In the 1970s and 1980s, North and South Yemen appeared to be two states pursuing opposing, sometimes hostile, economic and political policies. Then, in 1990, they suddenly united. This article analyses sport diplomacy as an instrument in opening institutional contacts between the two governments and as a venue for conveying important socio-political and historical messages. Cross-border football contests reinforced the largely invented notion of a single Yemen derived from pre-Islamic kingdoms. This idea remains a foundation of Yemeni nationalism and a base of Yemeni national identity.

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The Making of a Capital

Jerusalem on Israeli Banknotes

Na'ama Sheffi and Anat First

twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, banknotes have served as a factor in European unification through the choice to represent non-nationalistic monuments on the new euro banknotes ( Calligaro 2013 ). Despite this monetary unification, however

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Amir Goldstein

Israel after he pulled out of the government ( Weitz 2011 ). Even as the Labor movement underwent a process of political unification (with the establishment of the Labor Party in early 1968 and the Greater Ma’arach a year later), Begin refrained from

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The Return to the Monument

The Looming Absence of the Temple

Hava Schwartz

of memory,” to borrow from Pierre Nora (1989) . Nora articulates the distinction between realms of memory, based on the organized collection of testimonies from the past, unification of these memory collections, and archiving them, on the one hand

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Yechiam Weitz

early in 1961, and their refusal directly contributed to the failure to achieve a coalition. In November of that year, a new coalition government was formed in which Ahdut Ha’avodah participated but not Mapam. The process of unification began after a

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Ben-Gurion and the Palestinian Refugees

Ideology, Morality, and Praxis

Yossi Goldstein

repatriation was forced on Israel, it would only accept artisans, others who could support themselves, and candidates for “family unification” (BGD, 26 October 1948). He agreed with the committee's decisions in principle but objected to the details. For example

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Roads versus Rivers

Two Systems of Spatial Structuring in Northern Russia and Their Effects on Local Inhabitants

Kirill V. Istomin

unification of Germany, German citizens systematically overestimated distances between cities situated in different parts of Germany (East or West) compared to distances of cities located in the same parts of Germany. The authors claim that this tendency was

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Menachem Klein

establishment of Israel in 1948 and the unification of Jerusalem in 1967. The past is depicted as a circle, closing with the Jewish people's arrival at the historical destination toward which it had always strived. The Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan is built

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Hillel Cohen

unity and perfection: the unity of the Jewish people, the unification of the people of Israel with their God, and the healing of the world as a whole. The exile of the Jews from their land was an interruption; the aspiration for redemption and the