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Ambivalent Sexualities in a Transnational Context

Romanian and Bulgarian Migrant Male Sex Workers in Berlin

Victor Trofimov

-in center for male sex workers there, which is run by social project Sub/Way, and in the three so-called “hustler” 1 bars located nearby. However, as a young man who was interested in the Berlin night life, I visited the Schöneberg area not only for

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Bodies, Sexualities, and Masculinities in the Time of Coronavirus

Jonathan A. Allan, Chris Haywood, and Frank G. Karioris

protect workers in their fight against the virus. On the 75th anniversary of victory in Europe (VE Day), the prime minister urged the British public to show the “same spirit of national endeavour” that was demonstrated by those fighting Hitler seventy

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Malcolm Turvey

footbridge onto a track below to stop a speeding trolley headed toward five workers on the track. The fall will kill the heavy person but, by blocking the track and stopping the trolley, the person's death will save the five workers, and most people say that

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Lowry Martin

instance, how do the shared dangers and experiences of the sex trade and its concomitant social opprobrium function to create community and affective networks between female sex workers and their transgendered counterparts? In Islamic theocracies such as

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Daniel Lewis

have achieved “mastery” over their own bodies, but who also use those bodies to perform the duties of their occupation. Ranging from the worker whose body was controlled by someone in authority (the solider, the sailor), 4 to those who were in

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Paul Taberham and Kaitlin Brunick

. If not taking the extreme example of multiple deaths, even smaller incidents like the destruction of public property during a car chase, or the hero cop punching an obnoxious co-worker is designed to delight its audience. A similar argument could be

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Minority Report

Perceptions and Realities of Black Men in Heterosexual Porn

Darryl L. Jones II

of “illicit eroticism,” which generates opportunities for black talent—male and female—to earn and sustain a livelihood: “Encompassing a range of informal and intimate labors, illicit erotic workers employ their sexual capital, talents, and knowledges

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Catalin Brylla and Mette Kramer

background of audience reception and render the film text the primary referent for the characters. For instance, Brian Hill’s musical documentary Pornography: The Musical (2002) reflexively displays the artifice of letting real-life sex workers sing their

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Torben Grodal

is added to the experience. Namely, Holly’s colleagues—high-paid office workers—appear to belong to a high and “foreign” social group compared to John, who is a “plain American” as opposed to Holly’s integration of higher social layers (and they are

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Kata Szita, Paul Taberham, and Grant Tavinor

positive connection with our affective response to work. For Anable, “casual games are affective systems that mediate relations—and our feelings about these relations—between us and our devices, between workers and machines, and between images and code” (73