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Kate Pride Brown

Together ”. Journal of Hydrology 519 : 2632 – 2641 . 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2014.05.047 Brighenti , Andrea . 2007 . “ Visibility: A Category for the Social Sciences ”. Current Sociology 55 ( 3 ): 323 – 342 . 10.1177/0011392107076079 Brown , Kate Pride

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Eleanor Sterling, Tamara Ticktin, Tē Kipa Kepa Morgan, Georgina Cullman, Diana Alvira, Pelika Andrade, Nadia Bergamini, Erin Betley, Kate Burrows, Sophie Caillon, Joachim Claudet, Rachel Dacks, Pablo Eyzaguirre, Chris Filardi, Nadav Gazit, Christian Giardina, Stacy Jupiter, Kealohanuiopuna Kinney, Joe McCarter, Manuel Mejia, Kanoe Morishige, Jennifer Newell, Lihla Noori, John Parks, Pua’ala Pascua, Ashwin Ravikumar, Jamie Tanguay, Amanda Sigouin, Tina Stege, Mark Stege, and Alaka Wali


Measuring progress toward sustainability goals is a multifaceted task. International, regional, and national organizations and agencies seek to promote resilience and capacity for adaptation at local levels. However, their measurement systems may be poorly aligned with local contexts, cultures, and needs. Understanding how to build effective, culturally grounded measurement systems is a fundamental step toward supporting adaptive management and resilience in the face of environmental, social, and economic change. To identify patterns and inform future efforts, we review seven case studies and one framework regarding the development of culturally grounded indicator sets. Additionally, we explore ways to bridge locally relevant indicators and those of use at national and international levels. The process of identifying and setting criteria for appropriate indicators of resilience in social-ecological systems needs further documentation, discussion, and refinement, particularly regarding capturing feedbacks between biological and social-cultural elements of systems.

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Contact with Nature as Essential to the Human Experience

Reflections on Pandemic Confinement

Alan E. Kazdin and Pablo Vidal-González

Therapy on Persons with Mental Health Conditions .” Occupational Therapy in Mental Health 33 : 49 – 69 . doi: 10.1080/0164212X.2016.1231602 . 10.1080/0164212X.2016.1231602 Coon , Jo , Kate Boddy , Ken Stein , Rebecca Whear , Jo Barton

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Hydrologic Habitus

Wells, Watering Practices, and Water Supply Infrastructure

Brock Ternes and Brian Donovan

development of water infrastructure exemplified how cultural beliefs and priorities manifest themselves in the built environment. Cities form an “infrastructure of ideas” ( Smith 2013 ), an arrangement of political, economic, and social institutions. Kate

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Neglected Tropical Diseases

Creating a New Disease Grouping

Samantha Vanderslott

). Kate Mulligan and colleagues (2015) , through a systematic review of the research literature, found that the relationship between dengue and poverty is not well established. In an earlier article, they questioned what the consequences were in “public

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Humans “in the Loop”?

Human-Centrism, Posthumanism, and AI

Nandita Biswas Mellamphy

, Meredith Whittaker , and Kate Crawford . 2017 . AI Now 2017 Report . . Engster , Daniel . 2006 . “ Care Ethics and Animal Welfare .” Journal of Social Philosophy 37 ( 4 ): 5236 . 10.1111/j

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Mark C. J. Stoddart and Paula Graham

, ed. Mimi Sheller , and John Urry , pp. 1 – 10 . London : Routledge . 10.4324/9780203340332 Torkington , Kate . 2012 . “ Place and Lifestyle Migration: The Discursive Construction of ‘Glocal’ Place-Identity .” Mobilities 7 ( 1 ): 71 – 92

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Pamela McElwee

.4103/0972-4923.125752 . 10.4103/0972-4923.125752 Liss , Kate , Matthew Mitchell , Graham MacDonald , Shauna Mahajan , Josée Méthot , Aerin Jacob , Dorothy Maguire , et al. 2013 . “ Variability in Ecosystem Service Measurement: A Pollination Service Case

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Victoria C. Ramenzoni and David Yoskowitz

-5691(03)00008-5 Bridges , Todd , Charley Chesnutt , Roselle Henn , Paul Wagner , Camley Walters , Ty Wamsley , and Kate White . 2013 . Coastal Risk Reduction and Resilience . New York : US Army Corps of Engineers . http

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Amelia Moore and Jerry K. Jacka

data. As Kate Sullivan details in “Documenting Sea Changes,” the relationships between the data producers and managers and oceanic governance poses challenging ethical questions in a time when oceans are under threat from climate change, acidification