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In Pursuit of Masculinity

On Aging Bodies, Migration and Youthful Masculinities

Usman Mahar

unnecessary—especially because it seemed that these women's “relationship” with Rufi was at best superficial. For Rufi, however, knowing many young women at his age was certainly social capital and served as proof of his ageless masculinity. This was not only

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Ambivalent Sexualities in a Transnational Context

Romanian and Bulgarian Migrant Male Sex Workers in Berlin

Victor Trofimov

different in terms of their erotic capital ( Green 2008 ). Manuel was a tall, athletically built man in his mid-twenties, who wore a fashionable stubble beard, a designer black leather jacket, and tight blue jeans. On the scene, he had a permanent client and

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Pascal Wallisch and Jake Alden Whritner

taste and cultural capital. Bourdieu points out that those with a large amount of cultural capital are able to determine what constitutes taste. Perhaps this is why the judgment of movie critics—the societally accepted cultural arbiters of taste

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Jacob Breslow, Jonathan A. Allan, Gregory Wolfman, and Clifton Evers

“bogan,” a particular working-class practicing of masculinity. “Bogan” is often used pejoratively in Australia, including by other working-class men who see themselves as being more informed and having “good” social, moral, and cultural capital. It is

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Elizabeth J. McLean, Kazuki Yamada, and Cameron Giles

he insists that “hardened bachelors possessed of sufficient social capital could follow (and discreetly indulge) their inclinations with surprisingly little risk of censure or ostracism” (47). Despite this query regarding the book's claim to renovate

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Elemental Imagination and Film Experience

Climate Change and the Cinematic Ethics of Immersive Filmworlds

Ludo de Roo

all, the world is alarmed because of the gigantic flood washing over the northern Americas together with unparalleled tornados thundering from the sky. Second, postdiluvian New York is represented as a frozen capital with the elements of snow and ice

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Lowry Martin

, the Oriental-Rif (considered the “center of masculinity in its primitive brutality”), the Middle Atlas (where a primitive sexual liberty for women is both permitted and tolerated), and Rabat (the administrative and intellectual capital of Morocco). 7

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Minority Report

Perceptions and Realities of Black Men in Heterosexual Porn

Darryl L. Jones II

of “illicit eroticism,” which generates opportunities for black talent—male and female—to earn and sustain a livelihood: “Encompassing a range of informal and intimate labors, illicit erotic workers employ their sexual capital, talents, and knowledges

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Synthetic Beings and Synthespian Ethics

Embodiment Technologies in Science/Fiction

Jane Stadler

, privacy, exploitation, and consent ( Burden and Savin-Baden 2019 ). The name JOI (spelled in capital letters on advertisements for Wallace Corp.'s product) stands for “jerk off instructor,” a pornographic fetish that requires computer

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Torben Grodal

The narrative flow in mainstream films is driven by emotional engagement. The neurologist Jaak Panksepp (1998 ; Pankseep and Biven 2012 ) has described how human emotions are controlled by seven basic emotional systems (that he writes in capital