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Linda Gruen

have been granted to North American women. These freedoms included access to employment, to unchaperoned movement, and to education, all of which made women more noticeably visible in the public sphere. 3 Many travelers commented on US women's beauty

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Abin Chakraborty

day. ( Foster 1921, 246–247 ) Significantly, such employment of the categorical marvelous soon molds into what Nayar defines as the iconoclastic moral marvelous that primarily focuses on “indolence, waste and immoderation” ( Nayar 2008, 27 ) and sets

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Jackie Clarke, Melanie Kay Smith, Margret Jäger, Anne O’Connor, and Robert Shepherd

other, more stable forms of employment are also presented to explain its attraction for many young intellectuals. Overall, the book seems to be about making sense of the complexities and contradictions that exist in a postsocialist city like Budapest

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In the Eyes of Some Britons

Aleppo, an Enlightenment City

Mohammad Sakhnini

in the city were allowed to worship freely. “It is our first employment every morning to solemnize the dayly service of the church; at which I am sure to have always a devout, a regular, and full of congregation,” Maundrell wrote. “In a word, I can

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Maureen Mulligan

: “That was his death sentence” (120). We get to know Juan as a sharply defined individual, with his love of the countryside, horses, and agriculture as well as his dislike of “the large neglected estates and the horrible poverty and lack of employment in

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“I Was Not Willing to Risk my Hajj”

Information Coping Strategies of Hajj Pilgrims

Nadia Caidi

stage in one's life (such as getting married [P1, P2] or being in between employment [P9, P10]), family situation and priorities (P7, P8, P9, P10, P12), spiritual state (P5, P6), or financial ability (most participants). Once participants became

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Among Cannibals and Headhunters

Jack London in Melanesia

Keith Newlin

colonial labor practices. Labor recruiting before the turn of century focused on recruiting laborers for Fiji and Queensland sugar fields, leading to population declines and employment of coastal dwellers as middlemen, who facilitated the acquisition of

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Islam, Travel, and Learning

A Case Study on Indonesian Muslim Student Diasporas in Saudi Arabia

Sumanto Al Qurtuby

employment and unskilled jobs. Unlike Diederich's observation, however, I have noticed that the first phase of contact was not only marked by religion (e.g., performing religious-spiritual activities such as hajj or visiting Prophet Muhammad's sanctuary) but

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Touring the Regions

(Dis) Uniting the Kingdom on Holiday

Hazel Andrews

of an idea of exclusivity of belonging. Such observations clearly have resonance with some of the rhetoric of the political Right, which goes back a long way. McCrone, commenting on Norman Tebbit’s (former secretary of state for employment during

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Nicholas F. Russell

hardly could have done better. The two were fascinated by the emperors’ power and went on at some length describing its delimitations. The emperor could levy taxes, choose his successor, and dispose of all the public employments; he could ennoble anyone