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La televisión colombiana y la formación ciudadana en salud de mujeres televidentes

Reproducción de lógicas individualistas y de consumo

Alejandro Agudelo Calle

, especialmente entre las poblaciones de menores recursos, incluso a pesar del aumento de la cobertura de internet en la sociedad. Ahora bien, uno de los temas más representados en la televisión actualmente es el de la salud. La salud, desde la perspectiva que se

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Timothy M. Shaw and Abigail Kabandula

earlier forms of industrialization, such as the NICs: more digital/virtual and less old industrial: can its “post-industrial” developmental states, regions, and networks connect directly to the Internet of Things (IoT), so leapfrogging earlier, traditional

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Migrantes y vida pública en Cuba

Estrategias transnacionales de ciudadanos cubanos residentes en Ecuador

Liudmila Morales Alfonso and Liosday Landaburo Sánchez

de telefonía celular e internet, nuevas leyes de Inversión Extranjera y de Migración. Esto transforma el marco normativo y discursivo en que se produce, en primer lugar, la participación en la vida pública de la población cubana; en segundo, la

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L’entrée en politique des militants amérindiens en Argentine

Trajectoires, discours, avancées et limites

Maité Boullosa-Joly

légitimité sur le fait d’avoir été là avant. Ils disent être LE vrai « peuple autochtone » et se présentent en victimes. Leur stratégie est assez étonnante car avec le nom qu’ils se donnent et le discours employé, leur page internet ressemble à s’y méprendre

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“If the coronavirus doesn’t kill us, hunger will”

Regional absenteeism and the Wayuu permanent humanitarian crisis

Claudia Puerta Silva, Esteban Torres Muriel, Roberto Carlos Amaya Epiayú, Alicia Dorado González, Fatima Epieyú, Estefanía Frías Epinayú, Álvaro Ipuana Guariyü, Miguel Ramírez Boscán, and Jakeline Romero Epiayú

communication, since the Wayuu people have no access to the internet. However, confinement and distancing within communities are difficult to achieve among Wayuu because they prevent daily life and ritual activities. Groups of people are found fetching water

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Dudziro Nhengu

the internet on the issues of gender, health, and migration globally. Arguments were further developed from specific conveniently selected case studies on the life experiences of female migrants. Using these case studies, the researcher developed a

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Economic and social upgrading through professional and supporting services

Lessons from the shrimp value chain in El Salvador

Nahuel Oddone and Ramón Padilla-Pérez

the first stage. Reviews of existing literature, interviews with value chain experts and Internet research were the main activities conducted to identify good international practices. To examine such good practices, further research was done through

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Creating borders in young minds

A case study of Indian and Pakistani school textbooks

Dhananjay Tripathi

psychological and permanent border that exists for a lifetime. Still, like all other borders, there are possibilities that this border can be breached by new generations. Those who get into universities and become part of the global Internet community are always

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James Gerber

, Internet, parks Non-excludable Common pool resources : Fishing stocks, clean water, clean air Public goods : Security, consumer safety, rule of law Public goods that cross borders become international public goods. It goes without saying

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Steve Kwok-Leung Chan

island is remote, rarely reached by the outside world. There is no phone service and no access to the Internet. The Benjina incident is just one of the many cases of fishermen trafficking in Southeast Asia. The International Organization for Migration