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The Digital Age Opens Up New Terrains for Peace and Conflict Research

Josepha Ivanka Wessels

technological developments of digital communication in the twenty-first century have opened up new terrains of research methodologies and theories for peace and conflict studies ( Eriksson and Giampiero 2007 ; Nouri and Whiting 2015 ). The term “cyberspace

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Birgit Bräuchler and Philipp Naucke

The frequent failure of international peace missions and the ‘crisis of the liberal peace’ led to the promotion of a local or cultural turn in peace research and work that focuses on the role and meaning of culture, local actors and a mostly unspecified ‘local’ for peacebuilding processes. This pushes peace and conflict studies to engage with the subject area of anthropological research, which poses a challenge for disciplines such as political and legal sciences. In contrast to the critiques of the critique of the liberal peace, which seem to have led to a circular debate, this special section aims to take the debate to the next step. It does so through anthropologically informed methodological and conceptual advancements that the local turn is asking for and by providing a better understanding of how the local can become an important reference point in peace and conflict studies without essentialising it. Based on ethnographic fieldwork, the contributions to this special section highlight the importance of ethnographic research and anthropological framing in analysing the ambivalence of the local in peacebuilding and the contributions anthropology can make to the interdisciplinary field of conflict and peace studies.

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Ronald Stade

inflicted by perpetrators. At times, this is also true of theoretical concepts in scholarly fields like international relations and peace and conflict studies, which might serve the same purpose, or, at least, have the same effect. Concepts like “national

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Theorizing the Spatiality of Protest

Dimitris Soudias and Tareq Sydiq

we situate our special section on the “spatiality of protest”—which is the result of the eponymous panel we organized at the 2018 Zentrumstage Conference, “Space in Peace and Conflict,” in Marburg, Germany. In thinking through “spatialities of,” we

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The Many Faces of the State

Living in Peace and Conflict in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh

Nasir Uddin and Eva Gerharz

people at the margins experience the state in everyday life and what this reveals about the conditions of peace and conflict in the CHT. The second is to examine how people construct and imagine the “state” in their everyday experiences. We start by

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Colin Wayne Leach and Cátia P. Teixeira

26 ( 6 ): 543 – 547 . 10.1177/0963721417719319 Leach , Colin W. , Lisa M. Brown , and Robert E. Worden . 2008 . “ Ethnicity and Identity Politics .” In Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, and Conflict , 2nd ed. Lester Kurtz , 758 – 768

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The Social Life of Contentious Concepts

Ronald S. Stade

a village or remote province. They belong to a genre that straddles several disciplinary boundaries—conceptual history, political anthropology, cultural sociology, peace and conflict studies, international relations, and so on—and is consigned to a

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The Dialectics of Displacement and Emplacement

Henrik Vigh and Jesper Bjarnesen

for an exploration, rather than a mere presumption, of its social and existential consequences. By locating the study of displacement in the intersection between migration research and peace and conflict studies, this thematic section contributes to

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The Past as a Foreign Country

Bioarchaeological Perspectives on Pinker’s “Prehistoric Anarchy”

Linda Fibiger

–646; James R. Kerin, “Combat,” in Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace and Conflict , ed. Lester R. Kurtz, 2nd ed. (San Diego: Academic Press, 1998), 349. 13 David Warbourton, “Aspects of War and Warfare in Western Philosophy and History,” in Warfare and Society

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Recapturing the Lost

Digitalized Memories of the Rhodesian Bush War

Ane Marie Ørbø Kirkegaard

The study of digitalized memory in the social sciences is still budding. In peace and conflict studies it is unusual. Much of the research on digitalized memory of war and conflict is performed by researchers in other disciplines and tends to focus