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Alexa, Affect, and the Algorithmic Imaginary

Addressing Privacy and Security Concerns Through Emotional Advertising

Linda Kopitz

interactions portrayed on the other hand. In previous research on interactions with chatbots, Sheryl Brahnam and Antonella De Angeli found that users “follow stereotypical gender patterns when conversing with chatterbots that present as either male or female

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Jacob Breslow, Jonathan A. Allan, Gregory Wolfman, and Clifton Evers

acknowledge its discrepant effects, as they are amplified via race and racism. Both the “thug” and the “redneck” function as controlling images, Abelson writes, because of the ways in which they evoke and extend histories of racial stereotypes. While analyses

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You Haven't Seen the Last of Men

The Full Monty (Peter Cattaneo, 1997)

Julie Michot

sex with her and has lost all self-respect. That is because women apparently no longer need men's support: they use their washrooms and can earn their living as welders, thus destroying the stereotyped role that is traditionally attributed to each of

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“The Dragon Can't Roar”

Analysis of British Expatriate Masculinity in Yusuf Dawood's One Life Too Many

Antony Mukasa Mate

of admiration to be judged by the male-dominated world than an individual. Sydney's initial impression of Patricia as a stereotypical dumb blonde reaffirms the masculine stereotypes of the female other. He had already dismissed Patricia as incompetent

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Elizabeth J. McLean, Kazuki Yamada, and Cameron Giles

sexual stereotypes prevalent in contemporary critical discourses, it ultimately succeeds. Anesko's work here assists in removing what he terms “the Jamesian condom,” that is, the protective measures of “safe scholarship” that were kept in place for much

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Sexuality, Masculinity, and Intellectual Disability

Beyond a Focus on Regulation and Vicarious Illusions

Nathan J. Wilson and David Charnock

, as opposed to a more salutogenic and positively gendered narrative about how to enhance their health and well-being is, arguably, a reflection of unhelpful disabled stereotypes that has degendered these men and boys through an emphasis on their

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India Halstead

York in the 1970s, where feminist activism had inspired artists to create work that challenged gender stereotypes and celebrated the female form. This influential new body art movement included the likes of Yayoi Kusama, Yoko Ono, and Carolee Schneemann

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“The Rain It Takes to Learn the Limits of the Self”

Wetness, Masculinity, and Neoliberal Erotics in Andrew McMillan's Playtime

Nicholas Hauck

verge on stereotypes before being saved from anonymity and cliché by the intimate touch or gaze. Additionally, the voice in these poems seems mournful, speaking to both the loss of innocence and to lost experiences. However, by exploring the role of

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Modernist Embodiment

Sisyphean Landscape Allegory in Cinema

David Melbye

. Two film examples come to mind immediately. The first is the postwar Western, Duel in the Sun ( 1946 ), in which a half-white, half-indigenous female protagonist (Jennifer Jones) embodies a moral conflict between stereotypically “civilized” frontier

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Welcome to “Planet Porno”

Masculinity, Sexuality, and Fitness Doping

Jesper Andreasson and Thomas Johansson

could be related to what George Mosse describes as “the masculine stereotype” ( 1996: 6 ). Although gym and fitness culture has a long and gendered history, researchers did not pay much attention to it until the early 1990s. In the early studies, the