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Migration and the Challenges of Italian Multiculturalism

Christopher Hill, Sara Silvestri, and Elif Cetin

The migration crisis is analyzed here in the context of the challenges that Italy faces as a country of immigration during a period of recession. It is argued that there has been no serious debate in Italy on multiculturalism or on religious freedom, despite the growing sociocultural and religious diversity arising from population movements and international conflict. The analysis begins with the Italian government’s attempts in 2015 to deal with migration and diversity and the associated domestic conflicts at the levels of both party politics and civil society. The external dimension of Italian politics is examined in terms of Rome’s impatient calls for EU help and the weak political position of Italy in relation to the root causes of migration. After discussing the meaning of the Christian/Catholic identity of the country in its present state, the chapter concludes that Rome has little choice but to develop a more long-term view with regard to diversity and integration.

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Book Reviews and Film Received for Review

Gail Fondahl, Timothy Heleniak, Christopher Hill, and Michèle Therrien

Yulian Konstantinov, Reindeer-Herders. Field-Notes from the Kola Peninsula (1994–1995)

Florian Stammler, Reindeer Nomads Meet the Market. Culture, Property and Globalisation at the “End of the Land”

Aimar Ventsel, Reindeer, Rodina and Reciprocity. Kinship and Property in a Siberian Village

Vladislava Vladimirova, Just Labor. Labor Ethic in a Post-Soviet Reindeer Herding Community

Patty A. Gray, The Predicament of Chukotka’s Indigenous Movement: Post-Soviet Activism in the Russian Far North

A.A. Velchko and V.P. Nechaev, eds., Cenozoic Climatic and Environmental Changes in Russia

John F. Hoffecker and Scott A. Elias, Human Ecology of Beringia

Natascha Sontag, Map of the Inuit Language in Inuit Communities in Canada, Inuktitun Inuit Nunanginni Kanatami, La langue inuit dans les communautés inuit au Canada

Film Received for Review

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Book Reviews

Christopher Hill, Anna Bara, David Dettmann, Joseph Livesey, and Falk Huettmann

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Book Reviews and Books Available for Review

Karim-Aly Saleh Kassam, Alan Wood, Christopher L. Hill, and Edith W. Clowes

Katherine L. Reedy-Maschner, Aleut Identities Karim-Aly Saleh Kassam

V.V. Alekseev, Na pereput'e epokh: vospominaniia sovremennika i razmyshleniiia istorika Alan Wood

Valentina V. Ukraintseva, Mammoths and the Environment Christopher L. Hill

Mark Bassin and Catriona Kelly, eds., Soviet and Post-Soviet Identities Edith W. Clowes

Books Available for Review

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Barry Cole, Erica Fudge, John Greening, Tracey Hill, Scott Kelly, Christina Moss, Marcus Nevitt, Mary Phillips, Christopher Southgate, David C. Webb, and Rowland Wymer

Notes on contributors

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Book Reviews and Books Available for Review

Andrzej Rozwadowski, Brian Donahoe, Olga M. Cooke, Dmitri Funk, Iraida Nam, Christopher Hill, Tero Mustonen, Brad Paige, and David G. Anderson

Peter Jordan, Landscape and Culture in Northern Eurasia Andrzej Rozwadowski

Andrew Wiget and Olga Balalaeva, Khanty: People of the Taiga: Surviving the 20th Century Brian Donahoe

Andrew A. Gentes, trans., Russia's Penal Colony in the Far East: A Translation of Vlas Doroshevich's “Sakhalin” Olga M. Cooke

Erich Kasten, Cultures and landscapes of the North-East Asia: 250 years of Russian-German research in ecology and culture of indigenous peoples of Kamchatka Dmitri Funk and Iraida Nam

Mertin I. Eren, Hunter-Gatherer Behavior: Human Response during the Younger Dryas Christopher Hill

Anna A. Sirina, Katanga Evenkis in the 20th Century and the Ordering of Their Life-World; Olga Ulturgasheva, Narrating the Future in Siberia: Childhood, Adolescence and Autobiography among the Eveny Tero Mustonen

Charles Hartley, G. Bike Yazicioglu, and Adam T. Smith, The Archaeology of Power and Politics in Eurasia: Regimes and Revolutions Brad Paige

Benedict J. Colombi and James F. Brooks, Keystone Nations: Indigenous Peoples and Salmon across the North Pacific David G. Anderson

Books Available for Review

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Book Reviews

Jonathan David Bobaljik, Christopher L. Hill, David Lempert, Brian Donahoe, Irena Vladimirsky, Jaroslaw Derlicki, Melissa Chakars, John P. Ziker, and Liesl L. Gambold

Megumi Kurebito, ed., Comparative Basic Vocabulary of the Chukchee-Kamchatkan Language Family: 1.

Alevtina N. Zhukova & Tokusu Kurebito, A Basic Topical Dictionary of the Koryak-Chukchi Language.

Michael Fortescue, Comparative Chukotko-Kamchatkan Dictionary

Constantine Grewingk, Grewingk’s Geology of Alaska and the Northwest Coast of America: Contributions toward Knowledge of the Orographic and Geognostic Condition of the Northwest Coast of America, with the Adjacent Islands

Bryn Thomas, Trans-Siberian Handbook: Sixth Edition of the Guide to the World’s Longest Railway Journey

Kira Van Deusen, Singing Story, Healing Drum: Shamans and Storytellers of Turkic Siberia

Jamie Bisher, White Terror: Cossack Warlords of the Trans-Siberian

Joachim Otto Habeck, What it Means to be a Herdsman: The Practice and Image of Reindeer Husbandry among Komi of Northern Russia

Robert W. Montgomery, Late Tsarist and Early Soviet Nationality and Cultural Policy: The Buryats and Their Language

Igor Krupnik, Rachel Mason, and Tonia W. Horton, eds., Northern Ethnographic Landscapes: Perspectives From Circumpolar Nations

Margaret Paxson, Solovyovo: The Story of Memory in a Russian Village