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Evelyn Friedlander

As far back as can be traced, my father and his paternal ancestors were all born in Recklinghausen, and some of the ancestral graves can still be seen in cemetery on the Nordscharweg. Since the cemetery was only consecrated 1905, and my great-grandfather Isack died in 1893, his gravestone must have been one of the twenty or so stones which, along with the bones which still remained, were moved from the cemetery on the Börster Weg in the early 1930s, due to growing anti-Semitism. As it turned out, it was most fortuitous that Isack was reinterred, as the Nazis destroyed the first graveyard completely, eventually turning it into a children's playground. Having outlived her husband by forty years, my great-grandmother Henriette was buried close to him in 1933. These stones are of enormous importance to me as they mark the only prewar family graves I have in Germany

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Evelyn Friedlander

It seems peculiarly appropriate that I should be writing this while living in Potsdam, as it is a most apt place from which to be contemplating the issue of a heritage constructed with mortar, stone, or wood and placed upon the landscape of Europe. Here, in Potsdam, I live in a city which was laid waste by the Allies at the end of the war, a process which was then largely hurried along by a Communist dictatorship. They had no desire to be reminded of the glories that had been Prussia, and were only too glad to be rid of the hated symbols of Germany’s past. How much should be reconstructed is a subject of ongoing, heated discussion in the shadow of the Wende, the reunification of East and West Germany.

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Evelyn Friedlander

This year the Jewish Museum in Berlin plans to finally open its doors to a curious world. This empty building has already achieved cult status as a Holocaust Memorial so that one almost has to wonder what more can be achieved by the addition of an exhibition, With it being the focus of ongoing worldwide attention, it is perhaps appropriate to glance at what is happening with other buildings of Jewish interest in Germany.

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Evelyn Friedlander

The following two essays by Jeremy Adler and Pavel Seifter were given as addresses at the Conference which celebrated the 40th anniversary of the arrival in London of one thousand, five hundred and sixty-four scrolls from Czechoslovakia, where they came into the care of the Memorial Scrolls Trust. Having been ordered to be sent to the Jewish Museum in Prague, the Scrolls which derived from more than one hundred synagogues in Bohemia and Moravia, survived the war and eventually came to be housed under the auspices of the Trust in Westminster Synagogue in London.

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Wolf Biermann

The Minnesinger-Prophet of Germany

Albert H. Friedlander and Evelyn Friedlander

We first met Wolf at the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin in 1997, and were surprised: Biermann, the great pop star of East Germany whose protest songs had helped to destroy the ‘Wall’ was a Fellow at this institute? Slowly, we discovered the reasons. Biermann had received the Heine Prize, the Hölderlin Prize, the great Büchner Prize, the National Prize and other honours as one of the great poets of Europe; and he was at the institute to translate Shakespeare sonnets into contemporary German! We became friends, and he sang Evelyn his protest songs as we sailed under the bridges of the Spree (and sent her to Hamburg to his dentist who turned out to be Szpilman, son of the composer/ pianist of Polanski’s new film ‘The Pianist’).

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Albert H. Friedlander, Evelyn Friedlander, and Ruth Fainlight

At the Edge of the Millennium: Taking Stock – An Essay Review

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Jonathan Magonet, Albert H. Friedlander, and Evelyn Friedlander

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Jonathan Magonet, Esther Seidel, and Evelyn Friedlander

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Helen P. Fry, Evelyn Friedlander, and Alan Sillietoe

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