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George Parfitt and John Lucas

Crucifixion in the Plaza de Armas by Martin Espada (Middlesbrough: Smokestack Books, 2008), 72pp. ISBN 0-9554028-1-6, New ISBN 978-0-9554028-1-4, £7.95

Seeds of Fire edited by Jon Andersen (Middlesbrough: Smokestack Books, 2008), 174pp. ISBN 0-9554028-2-4, New ISBN 978-0-9554028-2-1, £9.95

When the Metro is Free edited by Alan Dent (Middlesbrough: Smokestack Books, 2007), 98pp. ISBN 0-9551061-9-2, ISBN 978-0-955-10619-4, £7.95

Permanent Winter edited by Yana Glembotskaya and Oleg Burkov (Middlesbrough: Smokestack Books, 2007), 85pp. ISBN 0-9548691-2, ISBN 978-0-9548691-99, £7.95

Contains Mild Peril by Adrian Buckner (Nottingham: Five Leaves, 2008), 72pp. ISBN 978-1-905512-43-0, £7.00

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Pauline Lucas, Carl Pidgeon, Bill Myers, George Parfitt, Stanley Middleton, Bill Overton, Mervyn Stockbridge-Gould, Lucy Frost, Basil Haynes and David Gerard

A View from the Boundary

Reading Days

Nottingham 1964-71

John Lucas: The Nottingham Years

John Lucas

John Lucas at Loughborough

For ART! For TRUTH!! For BEAUTY!!! and For BEER!!!! Or: You can Tell a Man who Boozes, by the Company he Chooses …

Accolades and Fetters

John and Cricket

Down by the Riverside