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John Greening and John Lucas

Wild Track by Mark Haworth-Booth (London: Trace Editions, 2005), 60 pp, ISBN 0-95509-450-X, £10.00

What is the Purpose of Your Visit? by Wanda Barford (Hexham: Flambard Press, 2005), 80 pp, ISBN 1-87322-679-9, £7.50

Under the Hammer by Robert Roberts (London: Pikestaff Press, 2006), 126 pp, ISBN 1-90097-432-0, £7.50

Fighting Talk by Cathy Grindrod, (London: Headland, 2005), 60 pp, ISBN 1-90209-692-4, £7.50

The Rain and The Glass by Robert Nye (London: Greenwich Exchange, 2004), 122 pp, ISBN 1-87155-141-2, £9.95

Highwire by Adrian Caesar (Canberra,Australia: Pandanus Books, 2007), 93 pp, ISBN 1-74076-178-2, £10.00

Catallus by Mario Petrucci (London: Perdika Press, 2006), 24pp, ISBN 1-90564-900-2, £4.50

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Barry Cole, John Greening and Richard Kell

After Dining Out In May On Being Diagnosed BARRY COLE

Two Poems From Iceland Requiem JOHN GREENING

The Progress Of Life The Progress Of Art RICHARD KELL

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Matt Simpson, John Greening and Charles Bennett

A Great Grandfather MATT SIMPSON

A Letter to My Daughter in Spain Five Walks With Our Best Man (1992–1997) JOHN GREENING

The Wedding Dress Laika CHARLES BENNETT

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Richard Godden, John Mole, John Greening and Stephen Wade

Nature / Culture, New Orleans Haiku Gathering Around the Jackson Barracks Penitentiary. RICHARD GODDEN

Soneone Else’s Face JOHN MOLE


The Middle Way The Eel STEPHEN WADE

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Christopher Southgate, John Greening, Barry Cole and Scott Kelly

Dandolo’s Bones She’s his Miranda A Middle-aged Poet Faced with ‘Titian’s Three Ages of Man’ CHRISTOPHER SOUTHGATE


Death Notices in Palestrina BARRY COLE

To Accompany a Gift of Culpeper’s Herbal (1653) SCOTT KELLY

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Jim Burns, John Greening, John Lucas, John Mole, Michael Murphy, Christopher Pilling, Deryn Rees-Jones, Maurice Rutherford, Andrew Sant, Matt Simpson, Mahendra Solanki, Peter Walton and Gregory Woods

How I’m Doing

An Old Lady Reminisces


The Figure In The Carpet

His Walking Sticks

Winter Riddles

A Head Of Steam


Letter To An Old Pen-Pal

Down From Mars

Fagus Sylvatica


Great Grey Shrike


The Dominant

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Barry Cole, Erica Fudge, John Greening, Tracey Hill, Scott Kelly, Christina Moss, Marcus Nevitt, Mary Phillips, Christopher Southgate, David C. Webb and Rowland Wymer

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