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Jonathan Romain

There are many religious people in Britain at the moment who feel they have been stabbed in the back, then turned around and punched in the face. The attack from behind is because they feel they are pursuing a religious lifestyle that is largely caring and considerate, yet they have become associated with religious extremists whose murderous fanaticism has tainted all people of faith.

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Fifty Years of Leo Baeck College

An Overview (1956–2006)

Jonathan Romain

Only a few people are aware that the name of the College and that of Leo Baeck, now inseparably intertwined, were not originally linked. The College started its existence under a different title, being launched in September 1956 as the Jewish Theological College. This was in part a descriptive title, and in part a tribute to the Breslau Theological College, which, along with the Berlin Hochschule, had been destroyed during the war, and to both of which the new College saw itself as the successor, attempting to rekindle the light of Jewish learning in Europe.

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