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Natalia Pushkareva

Igor Kon, a full member of the Russian Academy of Education and an outstanding Russian anthropologist, sociologist, psychologist, and teacher who opened up a series of new directions in each of these areas, including a gender perspective, unexpectedly died on 27 April 2011. He did not show his illness, remaining youthful looking until the end. A shining example of openness to all that was new and to personal freedom, he was modest, unbelievably self-sufficient, and able to explain the advantages of such a life choice. Igor Kon wrote about his life, full of difficulties, and the history of his overcoming them, in his autobiography 80 let odinochestva (Eighty years of solitude), published in 2008, which became an instant best seller in Russia. It was read not only by members of his generation but also by young people.

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Enriketa Papa-Pandelejmoni, Gentiana Kera, Krassimira Daskalova, Biljana Kašić, Sandra Prlenda, Elni Fournaraki, Yannis Yannitsiotis, Eszter Varsa, Dalia Leinarte, Grażyna Szelagowska and Natalia Pushkareva

Edited by Krassimira Daskalova

Women's History and Gender Sensitive Scholarship in Albania Enriketa Papa-Pandelejmoni and Gentiana Kera

Clio Still on the Margins: Women's and Gender History in Bulgaria Krassimira Daskalova

Women's History in Croatia: Displaced and Unhomed Biljana Kašić and Sandra Prlenda

Three Decades of Women's and Gender History in Greece: An Account Eleni Fournaraki and Yannis Yannitsiotis

The State-of-the-Art in Women's and Gender History in Hungary: Studies from and about the State Socialist Period Esżter Varsa

Women's and Gender History in Lithuania: An Overview from Time and Distance Dalia Leinatre

Women's and Gender History in Poland after 1990: The Activity of the Warsaw Team Grażyna Szelagowska

Gendering Russian History (Women's History in Russia: Status and Perspectives) Natalia Pushkareva