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Vera Schwarcz and Robert Weinberg

Before I Knew Shabbat Desire for Words

Moving a Large Library from My Apartment after 28 Years A Hope for Reincarnation Involving Significant Others

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Philip Fried, Edward Mycue, Gábor T Szántó and Robert Weinberg

Right Hand

Is Peace Possible?

Each family meal

Explosions on TV

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Yakov Azriel, Zara Raab, Joanna Ezekiel and Robert Weinberg

In the Field of Sacred Apples Bilhah’s Song The Four Sons




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Robert Weinberg, Szanto T. Gabor, Edward Mycue, Philip Fried and Michael Shorb

Explosions on TV

each family meal

Is peace possible?

Right Hand

Names in a jar

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Larry Lefkowitz, Philip Fried, Myra Sklarew, Robert Weinberg, Dannie Abse, Gerald Zipper, Bernhard Frank and Sheldon Flory

Legacy Almost By Larry Lefkowitz

Old Man Among Old Men Quantum Genesis By Philip Fried

Tell it not in Gath: (from David’s lamentations for the deaths of Saul and Jonathan) On Muranowska Street April 1943: Borszczow By Myra Sklarew

A Man, a Plan, a Canal, Panama Repairing Relations with the Dead Thoughts in Preparation for a Trip Robert Weinberg

Enemies War Poet Dannie Abse

The Immigrants Gerald Zipper

Where the Prath Falls Bernhard Frank

Dust Sheldon Flory

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Elaine Feinstein, Shirley Kaufman, George Szirtes, Philip Fried, Robert Weinberg, Ruth Fainlight, Michelene Wandor and Wanda Barford



Flesh on paper



Light at dawn on the morning of September 17th, 2002

Stones i.m. Yehuda Amichai

The English Country Cottage

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Edward Mycue, Jane Liddell-King, Louis Daniel Brodsky, Robert Manaster, Robert Weinberg, Steven B. Katz, Ben Wilensky and Lotte Kramer

Birthday Celebration

Seven Brachot for Chava

Ghost Ship over Poland


Prometheus II


She had Troubles of her Own our Rabbi

My Father was a Writer Dream Tales

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Steven Sher, Larry Lefkowitz, Erica Adler, Robin Beth Schaer, Richard Fein, Robert Weinberg, Anne Blonstein, Jacqueline Karp-Genre, Marsha Pomerantz and Shirley Kaufman

Finding the Words

The Creation of the World

Night Funeral

Cowboy Rules

Desert Ships

For Three Killed by Stalin

First Edward

Bagels without Lox



Unfinished Poem