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Derek Buttress and Sue Dymoke

Whereabouts by Mark Roper (Calstock: Peterloo, 2005) 96pp. ISBN 1 904324 30 4 £7.95

Between Dryden And Duffy: Another Collection by Ann Drysdale (Calstock: Peterloo, 2005) 96pp. ISBN 1 904324 29 0 £7.95

Score! by Sarah Wardle (Highgreen: Bloodaxe Books, 2005) 80pp. ISBN 1 85224 706 1 £7.95

How the Stone Found Its Voice by Moniza Alvi (Highgreen: Bloodaxe Books, 2005) 64pp. ISBN 1 85224 694 4 £7.95

The Toast of the Kit-Cat Club, A Life of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu by Linda France (Highgreen: Bloodaxe Books, 2005) 80pp. ISBN 1 85224 677 4 £7.95

The Outsider by Christine McNeill (Nottingham: Shoestring Press, 2005) 54pp. ISBN 1 904886 15 9 £8.95

The Cartographer Sleeps by Barbara Daniels (Nottingham: Shoestring Press, 2005) 64pp. ISBN 1 904886 14 0 £8.95

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Ross Bradshaw, Sue Dymoke, Joseph Pridmore, and Nadine Brummer

Comrade Heart: a life of Randall Swingler by Andy Croft (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2003) ISBN 0 7190 6334 5, £45

Backwork by Ann Drysdale (Cornwall: Peterloo Poets, 2002) ISBN 1-904324-00-2 £7.95

The Planet Iceland by Elsa Corbluth (Cornwall: Peterloo Poets, 2002) ISBN 1-871471-75-3 £7.95

How Copenhagen Ended by C.J. Allen (Leafe Press, 2003) ISBN 0-9537634-8-X £3.50

Learning to Look by Chris Considine (Peterloo Poets, 2003) ISBN 1-904324-05-3 £7.95

Long Shadows: Poems 1938–2002 by J.C. Hall (Shoestring Press, 2003) ISBN 1-899549-76-5 £8.95

Northern Paranoia and Southern Comfort by C.A. de Lomellini (Redbeck Press, 2001) ISBN 0-946980-94-2 £7.95

Madame Fifi’s Farewell and Other Poems by Gerry Cambridge (Luath Press, 2003) ISBN 1-842820-05-2 £7.32

I Could Become That Woman by Sibyl Ruth (Five Leaves, 2003) ISBN 0-907123-54-6 £4.00

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Graham Holderness, Sue Dymoke, Simon Curtis, Michael Bartholomew-Biggs, Stuart Flynn, Rennie Parker, and Lawrence Sail


On Lake Oscanawa American Sound SUE DYMOKE



Mandatory Post-Colonial Poem STUART FLYNN

Only Resting Trading Up RENNIE PARKER

Cutting the Bay Hedge LAWRENCE SAIL

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Michael Murphy, Derrick Buttress, David Belbin, Sue Dymoke, Adrian Buckner, Joseph Pridmore, and Alan Mahar

Black and White by William Scammell After Shakespeare by Desmond Graham MICHAEL MURPHY

I Married the Angel of the North by Peter Mortimer Home Town Burial by Martin R. Johnson Blast by Kevin Fegan DERRICK BUTTRESS

Selected Accidents, Pointless Anecdotes by Peter Violi DAVID BELBIN

Backwork by Ann Drysdale The Planet Iceland by Elsa Corbluth SUE DYMOKE

Moonbathing by Valerie Laws The Whitworth Gun by John Whitworth ADRIAN BUCKNER

The Crocodile’s Head by Jack Debney Mystery in Spiderville by John Hartly Williams JOSEPH PRIDMORE

Faunal by Peter Reading ALAN MAHAR

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Joseph Pridmore, Rennie Parker, Matt Simpson, Sue Dymoke, Michael Murphy, and Alan Mahar

Gladsongs and Gatherings edited by Stephen Wade (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2001) ISBN 0 85323 727 1 £13.95

So by Steven Blyth (Calstock: Peterloo Poets, 2001) ISBN 1871471892 £7.95

The Basics by Stuart Pickford (Bradford: Redbeck, 2001) ISBN 0946980 84 5 £6.95

A Different Kind of Smoke by Keith Chandler (Bradford: Redbeck, 2001) ISBN 0946980 81 0 £5.95

Looking in All Directions – Selected Poems 1954–2000 by Peter Kane Dufault (Tonbridge: Worple, 2000) ISBN 0953094758 £10.00

Passage from Home – A Memoir by Philip Callow (Nottingham: Shoestring Press, 2001) ISBN 189954965X £6.99

The Echoing Green by Gladys Mary Coles (Hexham: Flambard, 2001) ISBN 1873226489 £7.50

Letting Loose the Hounds by Martin Hayes (Frizinghall: Redbeck, 2001) ISBN 0099591316 £5.95

The Old Campaigners by George Jowett (Frizinghall: Redbeck, 2001) ISBN 09469809X £3.95

St. Cuthbert and Bystanders by Chris Considine (Frizinghall: Redbeck, 2001) ISBN 0946980802 £3.95

Sailing to Hokkaido by Joseph Woods (Tonbridge: Worple, 2001) ISBN 0953094766 £6.00

Tony Harrison and the Holocaust by Antony Rowland (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2001) ISBN 0 85323 516 3 £9.99

Getting There by Matt Simpson (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2001) 0 85323 957 6 £8.95

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Rennie Parker, John Weston, Derrick Buttress, Sue Dymoke, Tim Thorne, K.F. Pearson, Michael Bartholomew-Biggs, and Hugh Underhill

Thirty Two Poems in the Style of Simon Armitage Personality Fuel RENNIE PARKER


The Poet of Dluga Street DERRICK BUTTRESS

The Undertaking Final Duty SUE DYMOKE

Meditation on Parliament House, Canberra TIM THORNE

An Analysis of his Portrait K.F. PEARSON


Township Historian HUGH UNDERHILL

Restricted access

T. J. Lustig, Anna Tripp, George Wotton, Brenda McKay, Mary Joannou, Nilli Diengott, Helen Boak, David C. Green, Sue Dymoke, Matt Simpson, Adam Rounce, Loraine Fletcher, Shorsha Sullivan, and Andy Croft

Russell Reising, Loose Ends: Closure and Crisis in the American Social Text (Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press, 1996), £52.50 cloth, £16.95 paperback, ISBN 0-8223-1891-1.

Linda Simon, Gertrude Stein Remembered (Lincoln & London: University of Nebraska Press, 1994; UK Publication date: October 1997), £13.95, ISBN 0-8032-9248-1 (PB).

Bertolt Brecht, War Primer, translated and edited with an afterword and notes by John Willett, Libris Press, 1998, £35 hardback, ISBN 1-870352-21-1.

Alison Byerly, Realism, Representation, and the Arts in Nineteenth- Century Literature, Cambridge, New York and Oxford: Cambridge University Press, 1997, £35 hardback, ISBN 05-21-581168.

Jenny Hartley, Millions Like Us: British Women’s Fiction of the Second World War, London: Virago, 1997, £14.99 paperback, ISBN 1-86049-080-8.

Gill Plain, Women’s Fiction of the Second World War: Gender, Power and Resistance, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1996, £14.99 paperback, ISBN 0 7486 0661 0.

Joseph Carroll, Evolution and Literary Theory, University of Missouri Press, 1995, ISBN 0 8262 0979 3.

Dagmar C.G. Lorenz, Keepers of the Motherland, Lincoln and London: University of Nebraska Press, 1997, pp. xxii + 402, £52.50, ISBN 0-8032-2917-8.

Howard Barker: Arguments For A Theatre (Third Edition), ISBN 0-7190-5249-1, paperback.

Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze, On the Edge of an Island, 1997, Bloodaxe, ISBN: 1-85224-405-4.

Gillian Ferguson, Air for Sleeping Fish, 1997, Bloodaxe, ISBN:1-85224-416-X.

Katie Donovan, Entering the Mare, 1997, Bloodaxe, ISBN:1-85224-429-1.

John Kinsella, The Hunt & Other Poems, Bloodaxe Books, £7.95, ISBN 1-85224-441-0

David Duncombe, Pencilling In, Redbeck Press, 1997, £3.95, ISBN 0-946980-42-X.

Hugh Dunkerley, Walking to the Fire Tower Redbeck Press, 1997, £3.95, ISBN 0-946980-44-6, £3.95.

Martin Edwards, Coconut Heart Redbeck Press, 1997, £3.95, ISBN 0-946980-45-4, £3.95

Anne Rouse, Timing, Bloodaxe Books, 1997

Ruth Fainlight, Sugar Paper Blue, Bloodaxe Books, 1997

Jane Holland, The Brief History of a Disreputable Woman, Bloodaxe Books, 1997

Philip Ramp, Jonz, Translated by Lydia Stephanou, Athens, 1997, Bilingual Edition.

Glyn Wright, Shindig, Bloodaxe, £6.95, ISBN 1-85224-409-7.