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Book Reviews

Gilles Montigny, Kenneth Thompson, Derek Robbins, and William Ramp

Bernard Valade (dir.). Durkheim. L’institutionnalisation de la sociologie, (coll. Débats philosophiques), Paris, Presses Universitaires de France, 2008, 171 pp.

Massimo Rosati. Ritual and the Sacred: A Neo-Durkheimian Analysis of Politics, Religion and the Self, Farnham and Burlington: Ashgate, 2009, 163 pp.

Frédéric Keck. Lucien Lévy-Bruhl. Entre philosophie et anthropologie. Contradiction et participation, Paris: CNRS Editions, 2008.

Christian Borch and Tiina Arppe (eds.), ‘The Sacred’, Special Issue, Distinktion: Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory, no. 19, Aarhus: University of Aarhus, 2009 (

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Book Reviews

Jean-Christophe Marcel, Timothy Jenkins, David Moss, William Ramp, Mike Gane, Anne de Sales, and W. S. F. Pickering

Emile Durkheim. L’Évaluation en comité. Textes et rapports de souscription au Comité des travaux historiques et scientifiques 1903-1917, présentés et édités par Stéphane Baciocchi et Jennifer Mergy, Oxford and New York: Durkheim Press/Berghahn Books. 2003. p. 207.

Marcel Mauss, On Prayer, translated by Susan Leslie, edited with an introduction by W. S. F. Pickering and anthropological commentary by Howard Morphy, Oxford and New York: Durkheim Press/Berghahn Books. 2003. pp. 208

Massimo Rosati e Ambrogio Santambrogio (eds). Émile Durkheim, contributi per una rilettura critica, Rome: Meltemi. 2002. pp. 308.

Ken Thompson. Emile Durkheim, Revised edition. London: Routledge. 2002. pp. 179.

Michèle Richman. Sacred Revolutions, Durkheim and the Collège de Sociologie, Minnesota: University of Minnesota Press. 2002. pp. 248.

Robert Parkin. Louis Dumont and Hierarchical Opposition, New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books. 2003. p. 251.

Raymond Boudon avec Robert Leroux. Y a-t-il encore une sociologie?, Paris: Odile Jacob, 2003. pp. 249.

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Louise Child, Ronjon Paul Datta, Mike Gane, Timothy Jenkins, Jean-Christophe Marcel, David Moss, W. S. F. Pickering, William Ramp, Derek Robbins, Raymond de la Rocha Mille, Anne de Sales, Sue Stedman Jones, and William Watts Miller

Notes on contributors

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Catherine Byron, Adrian Caesar, Philip Callow, Barry Cole, George Dandoulakis, Angela Leighton, Clare MacDonald Shaw, John Mole, Tom Paulin, Peter Porter, Philip Ramp, Arnold Rattenbury, Maurice Rutherford, William Scammell, Matt Simpson, Mahendra Solanki, Anne Stevenson, Tim Thorne, John Tranter, Dimitris Tsaloumas, Gael Turnbull, and Hugh Underhill

St Thomas Aquinas in MacNeice’s House, September 23rd, 1957

In an Australian Garden

Red Wine and Yellow Sun

For a Cornet Player, Retired

The Altar of the Motherland (trans.: Andreas Kalvos)

Looking at Pictures

Street Flowers



The Puppy of Heaven

The Island Market

More Friggers for John: 22: Convict Tokens 1815-1840; 23: Trench Art 1914-1918

Only Connect

Self Improvement

Taking the Hexameter a Walk – a letter to John Lucas

From ‘The Riverside’

A Ballad for Apothecaries, Being a Poem to Honour the Memory of Nicholas Culpeper, Gent …

The Aisles




Mémoire Involontaire