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Skilled mediations

Cristina Grasseni and Thorsten Gieser

In this special section, we conceptualise ‘Skilled mediations’ to examine the following questions from several ethnographic perspectives: How do skills and media interact, enable and limit our engagement in our material and social environments? How can this be studied ethnographically? We take our previous works on ‘skilled visions’ and ‘enskilment’ as starting points to define skilled mediation as a mode of engagement with the senses, practice, skill and media.

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Skilled visions: between apprenticeship and standards by Grasseni, Cristina


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Skilled vision. An apprenticeship in breeding aesthetics1

Cristina Grasseni

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The ‘Hunnic eye’

Skilled mediation in popular re‐enactment

Anja Dreschke

During the last decade, mimetic practices of imagining, embodying and situating (past) events evolved into a prevalent phenomenon of vernacular culture symptomatic of an increasingly mediatised world. To explore popular historical re‐enactments as media practices, I draw on the example of the Cologne Tribes () from Cologne/Germany, a community of amateurs whose members emulate the historic lifeworlds of the Huns and Mongolians as a leisure activity. In their performances they creatively appropriate a wide range of global visual, sonic and textual inscriptions that are translated into bodily actions and material artefacts in a complex process of re‐mediation. Whereas academics commonly consider the embodied knowledge produced in popular re‐enactment as false, fake or mere fantasy, to the practitioners the construction of ‘authenticity’ is a matter of continuous negations. This paper explores how the concept of ‘skilled mediation’ resonated with the local notion of the ‘Hunnic eye’ that the Cologne Tribes developed to designate an ‘aesthetic of authenticity’ that is constituted in the eye of the beholder.

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Disciplining Vision in Animal Biotechnology

Cristina Grasseni

In this article, skilled vision is presented as a capacity acquired in a community of practice that enables specific ways of knowing and acting in the world. The analysis of skilled vision is obtained through the ethnographic study of the artefacts and the routines that structure certain ecologies of practice. The example chosen is that of the skilled gaze of animal breeders, in particular of the children of dairy cow breeders who, by playing with relevant toys and emulating the adult world of cattle fairs and exhibitions, learn how to value certain criteria of animal beauty and to "discipline" their vision accordingly.

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Rethinking the Anthropology of Violence for the Twenty-First Century

From Practice to Mediation

Antonius C. G. M. Robben

. Cambridge, MA : MIT Press . Grasseni , Cristina , ed. 2007 . Skilled Visions: Between Apprenticeship and Standards . New York : Berghahn Books . Howes , David , ed. 1991 . The Varieties of Sensory Experience: A Sourcebook in the Anthropology of the

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Learning to Dwell with Micro-Organisms

Corporeality, Relationality, Temporality

Lydia Maria Arantes

-making requires an ‘attunement of the senses’ ( Grasseni 2004: 53 ). Arguing against the critique of visualism, Cristina Grasseni holds that ‘skilled vision implies an active search for information from the environment, and is only obtained through apprenticeship

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Rebuilding Biodiversity One Stone at a Time

Ecology and Intangible Heritage in Dry Stone Walling Practices

Geoffrey Gowlland

well placed, involves a keen sense of vision, what anthropologist Christina Grasseni (2004) identifies as skilled vision, which is developed in practice and at least to some extent by working with others – be they instructors or fellow wallers

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The Power and Productivity of Vigilance Regimes

Ana Ivasiuc, Eveline Dürr, and Catherine Whittaker

: Political and Legal Anthropology Review 33 ( S1 ): 126 – 142 . . Grasseni , Cristina , ed. 2009 . Skilled Visions . Brooklyn, NY : Berghahn Books . Guillaume , Xavier , and Jef Huysmans

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Methods for Multispecies Anthropology

Thinking with Salmon Otoliths and Scales

Heather Anne Swanson

Ecology and Science Studies . Chicago : University of Chicago Press . Grasseni , Cristina . 2004 . “ Skilled Vision: An Apprenticeship in Breeding Aesthetics .” Social Anthropology 12 ( 1 ): 41 – 55 . 10.1017/S0964028204000035 Haraway , Donna