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“I Will Make You Understand”

Using Pictures to Explore Young Boys’ Sport Experiences

Deborah Agnew, Jennifer Fane, Murray Drummond and Philippa Henderson

study was on the boys, the demographic details of the parents were not recorded. The boys were involved in a variety of sports and unstructured play including swimming, soccer, football, cricket, basketball, bike riding, Lego, superhero games, and

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Boys, Inclusive Masculinities and Injury

Some Research Perspectives

Adam White and Stefan Robinson

( Anderson et al. 2016 ). For example, in researching a soccer team in the United States, Adi Adams and Eric Anderson (2012) found that when a gay player disclosed their sexual orientation to teammates, it was resoundingly met with acceptance and support

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Cameron Bassiri

; her power is her realizing the task or function that has been assigned to her. Sartre uses the example of a soccer 31 team to clarify this point. Within the context of a soccer team every position is determined by its function or task, and “for a new

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Girlhood and Ethics

The Role of Bodily Integrity

Mar Cabezas and Gottfried Schweiger

necessary to gain a certain capability, which can then be transformed into a functioning if the person so wishes. For example, a girl has the capability of kicking a soccer ball if she knows how to, is in a physical and mental state to do so, is not

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Whites Cannot Be Black

A Bikoist Challenge to Professor Xolela Mangcu

Keolebogile Mbebe

with another that accommodates that exception. With human beings, ‘[s] ocieties are held together by the statements of what ought to be and not merely what happens to be’ (Root 2000: S634). For example, when we watch a soccer match, we have expectations

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Yuval Gozansky

) focused on social issues and gender equality in a children’s sports drama. In its two seasons, the award-winning series 18 told the story of a group of talented female soccer players on a mission. The plot begins when the lead character, 14-year-old Noa

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Guarding the Body

Private Security Work in Rio de Janeiro

Erika Robb Larkins

venues, hotels, and World Cup or Olympic stadiums. With preparations for the mega-events, the industry began to shift to models of security that were more acceptable globally. As one foreign security consultant put it, “No one wants to watch a soccer

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Catherine Plum, Klaus Berghahn, Gregory Smulewicz-Zucker, David Freis and Matthew Eckel

authorities considered to be “negative-decadent forces.” Some overlap between these groups existed, as some skinheads were first punks or soccer hooligans. While the Stasi blamed the development of these groups on Western influence, Dennis and LaPorte identify

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Bernard Matolino

discussants previously held. I suggest that an example will also suffice in this case. Let us imagine a case of sport. Let us say there is a soccer coach who strongly believes in a certain team formation and has a certain ‘philosophy’ of how to attack and

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Unpacking Gender Images across Angela Merkel’s Four Campaigns for the Chancellorship, 2005–2017

Joyce Marie Mushaben

bieten ” (we have more to offer).” 35 This was countered by another photo showing the chancellor cheering wildly at a soccer game, interpreted by Susanne Merkle as proof of her “mastery of a stadium visit traditionally used by male politicians” to win