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The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

Angela Merkel, the Grand Coalition, and “Majority Rule” in Germany

Joyce Marie Mushaben

sow;” csu General Secretary Alexander Dobrindt then labeled the die fdp a Gurkentruppe (a “troop of cucumbers” figuratively connoting a rag-tag bunch of losers among lousy soccer teams). Trying to calm the situation, Westerwelle responded: “… in

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“I Love You, Guys”

A Study of Inclusive Masculinities among High School Cross-Country Runners

Luis Morales and Edward Caffyn-Parsons

. 2011 . “ ‘Josh Wears Pink Cleats’: Inclusive Masculinity on the Soccer Field .” Journal of Homosexuality 58 ( 5 ): 579 – 596 . Allooh , Noah N , Christina M. Rummell , and Ronald F. Levant . 2013 . “ ‘Emo’ Culture and Gender Norms in Late

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Paula Kabalo

, had eight football teams that played without a proper field. Organizing for sports was often based on sectarian affiliation. The most popular sport was football (soccer). It was also the first one in which Arab teams acquitted themselves well in the

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Mobile Disasters

Catastrophes in the Age of Manufactured Uncertainty

Steve Matthewman

Tanohata’s Shimanokoshi village housing was found on Kahaku Beach, Oahu, Hawai’i; Ikio Yokoyama’s Harley-Davidson motorbike made it to the shores of Graham Island, British Columbia, Canada; while Misaki Murakami’s soccer ball was swept from Rikuzenkata all

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Israel’s Recent Unionizing Drives

The Broader Social Context

Jonathan Preminger

soccer terminology, a prominent lawyer known for representing employers said that voices raised against the labor courts were a “yellow card” for judges who had given rulings that hurt employers, citing the Pelephone case as one example (ibid.). The

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Scott Gunther

others in their consumption of goods.” (Anne) “There’s a part of the bourgeois conception that to become an adult [you need] dance lessons, museums, all kinds of sports which can contribute to social distinction, so maybe not soccer.” (Thomas) Some

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The Race for Third

Small Parties in the 2017 Bundestag Election

David F. Patton

television ads. In late May, Alexander Gauland tweeted a nasty remark about Jerome Boateng, a member of the German national soccer team. In September, Alice Weidel walked off the stage of a televised talk show in response to supposedly unfair treatment. These

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Thomas Klikauer

. The AfD boss said: “we have the right to be proud of the achievements of Germany’s soldiers during World War II.” (104) When Gauland announced that he would not like Ghanaian-German soccer star Jérôme Boateng as a neighbor, an uproar when through

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A Social Negotiation of Hope

Male West African Youth, ‘Waithood’ and the Pursuit of Social Becoming through Football

Christian Ungruhe and James Esson

(accessed 6 February 2017 ). Poli , Raffaele . 2006 . “ Africans’ Status in the European Football Players’ Labour Market .” Soccer and Society 7 ( 2-3 ): 278 – 291 . Poli , Raffaele . 2010 . “ African Migrants in Asian and European Football: Hopes

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Creating a Significant Community

Religious Engagements in the Film Ha-Mashgihim (God’s Neighbors)

Merav Alush-Levron

service with the Israel Border Patrol. The film’s heroes are seen smoking a hookah, drinking arak (a popular Mizrahi alcoholic beverage), or playing soccer (European football) as aspects of the peripheral male’s leisure culture. From time to time, the