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Shakespeare in Sarajevo

Theatrical and Cinematic Encounters with the Balkans War

Sara Soncini

soccer ball against the stage door, the screams of housewives all affect the anguished rehearsals, just as the war in Sarajevo, one assumes, affects the theatre there. 34 On a more metaphorical level, Leo’s company must withstand the besieging force of a

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Making Friends

Refugees and Volunteers in Germany

Joachim C. Häberlen

differences are shared moments when friends realize that they share desires and dreams. These can be trivial things, like watching a soccer game together, talking about shopping for shoes with Reza, or chatting about how much fun a waterpark can be and making

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Touring the Regions

(Dis) Uniting the Kingdom on Holiday

Hazel Andrews

2000 ). 5 Perceptions of noise are also used to construct a difference between Magaluf and Palmanova, the former understood as the place to make noise and the latter as the place to be quiet. 6 Soccer is known as football in the UK and other parts of

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Eric Langenbacher

luxury good). The rise of German influence and power in Europe and beyond over the last fifteen years surely warms the heart of the surreptitious German nationalists out there. The men’s national team even won the 2014 World Cup of soccer—and looks

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Keith Alexander

), 26. The al wrote a letter to Berlin’s soccer club Hertha condemning the antisemitic cheers of some fans, and submitted a written parliamentary question regarding the same incident. Hans-Jürgen Kuhn to President of Hertha BSC, 12 November 1988

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Steven J. Hoffman, Fanny Wonu Veys, Joseph P Feldman, Natasha Barrett, Elsa Lenz Kothe, Antonino Crisà, Sayantan Mukhopadhyay, Masaaki Morishita and Ewa Klekot

a city where they lack a formal place of worship (a casa de santos [house of saints]). “Convergences and Multivocalities” questions the notion that spirituality need be religious, presenting a soccer ball in a glass case to symbolize quiteños