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Girls with Disabilities in the Global South

Rethinking the Politics of Engagement

Xuan Thuy Nguyen

., this volume). Focusing on the context of Vietnam as part of the Global South, 1 in this article I demonstrate how participatory visual methods could be used to help us to understand disability experiences in ways that challenge the homogenization of

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Boys and Education in the Global South

Emerging Vulnerabilities and New Opportunities for Promoting Changes in Gender Norms

Gary Barker, Ravi Verma, John Crownover, Marcio Segundo, Vanessa Fonseca, Juan Manuel Contreras, Brian Heilman and Peter Pawlak

This article presents a review of global data on boys' education in the Global South and recent findings on the influence of boys' educational attainment on their attitudes and behaviors in terms of gender equality. The article also presents three examples—from Brazil, the Balkans, and India—on evaluated, school-based approaches for engaging boys and girls in reducing gender-based violence and promoting greater support for gender equality. Recommendations are provided for how to integrate such processes into the public education system in such a way that provides benefits for both boys and girls in a relational approach.

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Holding Up Half the Sky

Global Narratives of Girls at Risk and Celebrity Philanthropy

Angharad Valdivia

Girls figure prominently as a symbol in global discourses of philanthropy. The use of girls from the Global South lends authority and legitimacy to Western savior neoliberal impulses, in which the logic of philanthropy shifts responsibility for

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Thomas D. Hall

Global South . Toronto: University of Toronto Press. I should note that I am not an expert in aquaculture. For assessments of substantive details on aquaculture, readers should consult other reviews. I am discussing these two books from several

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Theodore Powers and Theodoros Rakopoulos

This introduction posits that austerity is an instantiation of structural adjustment programs (SAPs) and thus must be revisited in two ways, involving its historical and geographical rendering. First, anthropological accounts should think of austerity in the long term, providing encompassing genealogies of the concept rather than seeing it as breach to historical continuity. Second, the discipline should employ the comparative approach to bring together analyses of SAPs in the Global South and austerity measures in the Global North, providing a more comprehensive analysis of this phenomenon. We are interested in what austerity does to people’s temporal consciousness, and what such people do toward a policy process that impacts their lives. We find, in this comparative pursuit, instead of Foucauldian internalization, dissent and dissatisfaction.

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Pascah Mungwini

Global South and born out of the unique experiences of these peoples must be taken seriously in putting forward the vision of a new world of mutual recognition. Other Analytic Frameworks As with any disease, the first step toward a cure is the realisation

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Governing Global Aeromobility

Canada and Airport Refugee Claimants in the 1980s

Bret Edwards

aeromobility have become nationally politicized and intertwined with sovereignty and power. It contends that in the 1980s more asylum seekers, particularly from the Global South, arrived by air in Canada and challenged how the state governed aerial and

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Apartheid of Thought

The Power Dynamics of Knowledge Production in Political Thought

Camilla Boisen and Matthew C. Murray

equitable human empowerment. The question raised as a touchstone for the creation of this paper was to consider Hamilton’s work (most recent and perhaps in totality), and how it represents academic production in political thought from the Global South. We

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Affective Solidarities?

Participating in and Witnessing Fair Trade and Women’s Empowerment in Transnational Communities of Practice

Debarati Sen

consumer-citizens in the global North to demonstrate their affective solidarity with producers in the global South by visiting certified production sites to participate in and witness the effects of fair trade on worker’s livelihoods. Their acts of

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Shadow Soldiering

Shifting Constellations and Permeable Boundaries in “Private” Security Contracting

Maya Mynster Christensen

companies (PMSCs). While US private security contractors make up a large proportion of personnel employed in the private security industry, the demand for cheap labor has generated emerging markets for private security in the Global South, chiefly in war