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African Dawn

Keïta Fodéba and the Imagining of National Culture in Guinea

Andrew W. M. Smith

, ultimately, cabinet member in the young Guinean Republic. In particular, the final verse of the poem “African Dawn” stands out: Yes, it was the dawn. The first rays of the sun lightly brushed the surface of the sea, gilding the foaming crests of the waves. 2

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Objects of Dispute

Planning, Discourse, and State Power in Post-War France

Edward Welch

scientist René Rémond terms his “volonté d’agir,” 12 was forged during time spent in the French Resistance. He began his career as a senior finance inspector before moving into government as a cabinet secretary under René Pleven and René Meyer during the

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Susann Baez Ullberg

, inside the house. The furniture and the tin roof dwelling were ruined by the dampness left by the floodwater, no matter if she placed the things she could not take with her on the top of cabinets and cupboards, or sometimes even on the roof. Even when

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Steve Kwok-Leung Chan

refugee-seeking recognition. Myanmar Migrant Workers in Thailand There are about 3.8 million migrant workers in Thailand, among them, 1.8 are documented, and the remaining two million are undocumented ( Salaytoo, 2018 ). 5 With a cabinet resolution of the

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Hillel Cohen

abortive attempt to install a Palestinian cabinet under Egyptian auspices at the end of 1948, declared Jerusalem as its capital (even before the state of Israel did so, on 5 December 1949). The founding congress of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO

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Rebranding Desolation

The Allure of Israel’s Desert Landscapes

Amelia Rosenberg Weinreb

“campaign to brand the Negev as a housing target and attractive place of opportunity will be launched” (PMO 2013), enunciating as a core goal to close the gap between respective opportunities and lifestyles in the center and the periphery. The Cabinet

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Migrant Residents in Search of Residences

Locating Structural Violence at the Interstices of Bureaucracies

Megan Sheehan

, floors, plumbing, windows, doors, and cabinets that occurs during their period of residence. This emphasis on protection of property and private enterprise highlights Graeber’s connection of resources, the state, and structural violence. Laws translate

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From Civilian Power to a Geo-economic Shaping Power

Stephen F. Szabo

Rex Tillerson, the former ceo of Exxon Mobil, as Secretary of State along with a number of other private sector people to the Trump cabinet, the United States is now, pursuing a more geo-economic approach. 47 At the same time, Germany has become

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Humanity’s Subtensions

Culture Theory in US Death Penalty Mitigation

Jesse Cheng

position to marshal effectively a powerful case for life.” The basement of the agency—crammed wall-to-wall with file cabinets, boxes of CD-ROMs, and hard drives filled with reams of investigation notes and memos, life history records from all manner of

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The Social Consequences of Brexit for the UK and Europe

Euroscepticism, Populism, Nationalism, and Societal Division

Steve Corbett

Eurosceptic neoliberals such as David Davies, Liam Fox, and Johnson to key positions within the cabinet suggest that “hard Brexit” is not off the agenda. The overall societal picture reflected in the referendum result does not look good for the UK and, as