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With an Open Mind and Open Heart

Collections Care at the Laboratory of Archaeology

Kate Roth

practices and policies facilitate sharing knowledge and power, which is necessary for ongoing collaborative engagement with communities. In this article, I use “communities” as an inclusive term for Indigenous groups, or those groups sometimes referred to as

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Gendered Images and Soviet Subjects

How the Komsomol Archive Enriched My Understanding of Gender in Soviet War Culture

Adrienne M. Harris

Koshevoi and Liza Chaikina. 10 I could see clearly how these hero narratives developed from 1930s Stalinist culture, but I harbored many questions about her reception during the war and her role in postwar culture. Formulating Questions of Gender, Power

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“Loving and Cruel, All at the Same Time”

Girlhood Identity in The Craft

Emily Chandler

2002 ; Short 2006 ). Academic consensus is that The Craft reaffirms patriarchy through its treatment of Nancy, whose anger, sexuality, and hunger for power leads to her undoing ( Godwin 2012 ; San Filippo 2013 ; Stephens 2003 ; Johnston 2007

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Common Democracy

Political Representation beyond Representative Democracy

Alexandros Kioupkiolis

corporate power and the recent financial crises experienced in various countries ( Crouch 2004 ). The democratic protests of 2011, from the Arab Spring and the Spanish Indignados to the Occupy movements, marked a point of culmination in what can only be

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Kings or Presidents?

War and the State in Pre- and Post-Genocidal Rwanda

Christopher C. Taylor

For theorists of the state and war inspired by Michel Foucault, the central issue is power. For Foucault there is no individual subject constructed in the absence of power, and no social institution that does not bear the imprint of historical struggles over power (Foucault 1979). With power so pervasively infusing human experience, there appears to be little need of talking about anything else. Power is everywhere. History is the chronicle of the struggle for power among individuals and groups. Taken to its logical conclusion, this perspective on human social life ends up sounding very much like the Hobbesian “war of each against all” (cf. Sahlins 2000).

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Sonya Atalay, Nika Collison Jisgang, Te Herekiekie Herewini, Eric Hollinger, Michelle Horwood, Robert W. Preucel, Anthony Shelton and Paul Tapsell

Edited by Jennifer Shannon

political, if not always spiritual, is more often than not steeped in ritual. Michelle Horwood Eastern Institute of Technology, Gisborne, Aotearoa New Zealand I am advocating that we realign power structures and establish relationships through repatriation

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Natalie Clark

journal shortly after I left the small town in which I grew up and moved to Vancouver. This poem speaks to the legacy of colonization, the absence of consent, and the violations of Indigenous girls’ lands and bodies, but also names and evokes the power of

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“There’s nothing makeup cannot do”

Women Beauty Vloggers’ Self-Representations, Transformations, and #thepowerofmakeup

Michele White

how beauty vloggers use their self-representations to address beauty and cultural conceptions of women. I study “the power of makeup” videos and social media engagements where participants critique makeup shaming and attempts to place limitations on

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Owen White and Elizabeth Heath

collapse of Marxist regimes (but also a more assertive and expansive capitalism), more and more historians turned away from economic determinism and instead accorded culture far greater power to shape human society and politics. Much of the terrain of

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Stefan Nygård and Johan Strang

a complex relationship involving space, time, power and hierarchy. In the field of intellectual life, “center” can mean persons, institutions, specific discourses, nations, regions, cities, laboratories, and so forth. Centers and peripheries are