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Adriana Streifer

those who abandon community obligations is to characterize such renegade tendencies as Jewish. Marlowe does this in The Jew of Malta . Barabas declares that material riches, and not God’s covenant, are ‘the blessings promised to the Jews’ (1.1.104). 5

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Shylock in the Cinema

Michael Radford’s The Merchant of Venice

Maria-Clara Versiani Galery

of Malta , ‘the comic strip villain, a mustache-swirling comic caricature of evil’. As a rounded, complex character, Shylock makes ‘the villainousness of Jews something more deeply embedded than the comic-villain mask that Barabas the Jew of Malta

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Mario Slugan

but a still from The Maltese Falcon (John Huston, 1941) does, confuses or deliberately obfuscates the terms of relation. A still from Bambi is an index of whatever was in front of the camera at the time when the still was made as much as a still

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Tschüss, Perfidious Albion

German Reactions to Brexit

Eric Langenbacher

current 508 million people, do not have Germany as a top trade partner, but only two (Ireland and Malta) do not have Germany as one of the top three trade partners. It is germane to add that Germany is by far the largest net contributor to the eu budget

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“Algeria for the Algerians”

Public Education and Settler Identity in the Early Third Republic

Kyle Francis

their roots to Spain, Italy, or Malta, rather than France, while colonial officials continued to bemoan the drunkenness, licentiousness, and overall spirit of insubordination in the settler community in general. 4 Although officials had long recognized

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The Color of French Wine

Southern Wine Producers Respond to Competition from the Algerian Wine Industry in the Early Third Republic

Elizabeth Heath

, Jews, and French colons , but also families from Spain, Italy, Malta, and other regions of the Mediterranean. The CGV’s efforts to assimilate Algerian wine production into their moral wine economy forced it to grapple with Algeria’s place within a

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Matthew Screech, Susan Slyomovics, Armelle Blin-Rolland and Ana Merino

early 1970s postutopia zeitgeist, as both a ‘betrayal’ of Crumb’s ideological horizon and a historically and sociologically situated translation. Philippe Bourdier’s study of Pascal Morelli’s 2002 Corto Maltese: La Cour secrète des arcanes follows a

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Wrestling with Shylock

Contemporary British Jewish Theatre and Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice

Jeanette R. Malkin and Eckart Voigts

, Measure for Measure , as well as Merchant. 24 Variations is a radical rewrite, not least because of its use of Shakespeare’s original text intercut with texts from Christopher Marlowe’s over-the-top The Jew of Malta . Barabas’s Machiavellian thoughts

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Jackie Clarke, Melanie Kay Smith, Margret Jäger, Anne O’Connor and Robert Shepherd

between “home” residents and members of the diaspora in how Estonia is promoted as a tourism destination, while Marie Stewart and George Caesar unpack the thick underpinnings of Maltese identity and the legacy of British colonialism. The final section of

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Kaloyan Haralampiev and Georgi Dimitrov

total expenditure for construction work, goods and services, as a percentage of GDP is eliminated, Greece becomes equal to Bulgaria; Italy surpasses Hungary; Slovenia, Spain and Cyprus surpass Latvia; Malta surpasses Portugal; Luxembourg and Germany