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Liberalism in Israel

Between the ‘Good Person’ and the ‘Bad Citizen’

Menachem Mautner

demanded of its citizens in the early 1950s in the field of immigration absorption. I will make two central arguments. The first is that the state’s call for sacrifice from its citizens was in tension with its citizens’ desire as individuals to lead a

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The Effect of 'Affect'

Henrietta Moore's Turn

Anette Fagertun

Henrietta L. Moore, Still Life: Hopes, Desires and Satisfactions (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2011), 242 pp. ISBN 9780745636467.

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Girl Constructed in Two Nonfiction Texts

Sexual Subject? Desired Object?

Mary Ann Harlan

desires; they explore ways to control their own narratives, and struggle to do so in a culture that positions them as desired objects. However, the authors seem to ignore the ways in which the girls try to assert agency while being aware of the cultural

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Handover Bodies in a Feminist Frame

Two Hong Kong Women Filmmakers’ Perspectives on Sex after 1997

Gina Marchetti

Kong bodies serve as somatic markers of this geopolitical transition through the shaping of their outward appearances, physical locations, erotic expressions, and sexual identities. Cinematic depictions of these post-1997 Handover bodies as desiring

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Miley, What’s Good?

Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda, Instagram Reproductions, and Viral Memetic Violence

Aria S. Halliday

). Nakamura points out that the memetic power of images or, more preciously, the desire for the image to be shared and replicated with new captions and contexts is based in the peculiar and spectacular; this desire to replicate a bizarre image provides its

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Conjuring “the people”

The 2013 Babylution protests and desire for political transformation in postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina

Larisa Kurtović

citizenship” ( Jansen 2015: 227 ), and in doing so conjure not only a unified and postnationalist but also more transformational kind of “us.” In this way, they expressed anticipatory desires that haunt not only the Bosnian but also many other political

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Lolita Speaks

Disrupting Nabokov’s “Aesthetic Bliss”

Michele Meek

acknowledge the girl’s sexual desire and agency. Aesthetics or Ethics? In his 1959 essay, “On a Book Entitled Lolita ,” Nabokov argues that the sole purpose of Lolita is “aesthetic bliss,” which he defines as “a sense of being somehow, somewhere, connected

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Native Marriage “Soviet” and “Russian” Style

The Political Economy of Desire and Competing Matrimonial Emotions

Vera Skvirskaja

. 2013 ) that highlights the ways in which making decisions connects individual sentiments and desires to structures of social ordering and different sources of authority. Decisions are the results of personality, past experiences, imaginations

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‘Coming To Look Alike’

Materializing Affinity in Japanese Foster and Adoptive Care

Kathryn E. Goldfarb

evident in physical similarity. Hashimoto’s focus on material resemblance was intended to domesticate what is still seen in Japan as the strange practice of adopting unrelated children, where the intentions and desires of adoptive parents are suspect. In

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Vera Schwarcz and Robert Weinberg

Before I Knew Shabbat Desire for Words

Moving a Large Library from My Apartment after 28 Years A Hope for Reincarnation Involving Significant Others